The Copywriting Crossroads Summit 2023 – Kevin Rogers

The Copywriting Crossroads Summit 2023 – More Work with Better Clients at Higher Pay…If you know how to position your new…

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The Copywriting Crossroads Summit 2023 – Let’s Get Your 2024 Plan Together!

The Copywriting Crossroads Summit was a smash success.

Copywriters who attended called it “life-changing” and said they now have “total clarity” on how to position themselves as a Best In Category Copywriter for 2024.

There is still time for you!

A “Best In Category” Copywriter Before 2024 Even Begins!

That means More Work with Better Clients at Higher Pay…

If you know how to position your new and existing skills to meet the most urgent human copy demands next year.

What we’ll dig into each day during The Copywriting Crossroads Summit 2023

Day 1 – The New Copywriting Paradigm for 2024

Interactive presentation with Kevin and Rob, plus special guest copywriters and hiring partners, covering:

Why the best copywriters in the world expect their businesses to increase in 2024…

​The top revenue-boosting services to add to your packages, and which ones to dump immediately…

​The reasons UpWork and other freelancing platforms will be a complete dead end in 2024, and where to go instead to find the best clients…

​How business owners have changed their expectations of copywriters inside the new paradigm (and exactly how to speak their language when pitching your services)…​

How to reposition your services to make yourself irreplaceable to the best companies in the game right now…

Day 2 – Your 111 Day Plan To Stay In Demand

The biggest obstacle to your copywriting career or business in 2024…

​Why these 3 “common practices” MUST be avoided to be successful in the new copywriting paradigm…

​How (and where) to “show up” for your clients or risk being mistaken for “A Bot” instead of “The Best”…

​How to claim official standing as a Top Voice on LinkedIn (no matter how much experience you have) and be seen and respected as an expert authority in your copywriting specialty…

​Exactly how to use your personal 111 Day Action Plan to kick off the first quarter of 2024 and make this your highest earning year in copywriting yet!

​Why the 21 days remaining in 2023 (beginning the Monday after the summit) are absolutely critical for gaining momentum going into the new year, and…

​How to use the “Reverse-Callout” section of the 111-day plan, so you ensure this doesn’t become another failed “New Year’s Resolution.”

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