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Copy Riddles – A New Way For Marketers And Copywriters To Own A-List Copywriting Skills More Quickly Than You Would Ever Believe

A fast, fun, mostly-done-for-you ride I call “Copy Riddles.”

In a nutshell, Copy Riddles is a tool that implants A-list bullet and copywriting tricks into your brain.

It is organized in a special format I call rounds. The rounds start out simple… and then get more and more surprising and interesting.

I’ll explain in a second what makes up a round. But first, let me tell you some of the A-list secrets you can own if you go through Copy Riddles:

  • How to create “impossible” bullets from very possible ingredients. 3 specific A-list techniques you can use any time. Round 8.
  • Readers not biting? Maybe you’re missing the “problem mechanism.” Round 10 shows you what it is and how to slip it in to win over skeptical buyers.
  • Gary Halbert’s “sex expert” trick for amping up desire and believability at the same time. Gary used it for his outrageous Killer Orgasms book… but you can use it in just about any market. Round 11
  • The deadly effective 30-second bullet tease. Round 9.
  • The bullet element that seals the deal (and that you might enjoy writing the most). This separates master persuaders from everybody else. And you never have to miss out again once you play Round 18.
  • Magic words for an instant boost in response. Round 14.
  • How to short-circuit your prospect’s logical thinking so he buys instantly. Many aspiring copywriters swear by this bullet method for transforming their copy. Round 12.
  • The 8-letter word that makes your promises, warnings, and proof irresistibly intriguing. Warning: If you use this indiscriminately, you can lose 90% or more of your sales. Find out what to do in Round 6.
  • A sexy technique for writing bullets that leave other copywriters green with envy. Round 19.
  • How to stir up intrigue with made up facts and figures. Safe and ethical — as long as you follow Round 17.
  • The “black & white” trick underlying the best bullets. It goes against what some A-list copywriters will tell you to do… and yet it’s right there in their own copy. Round 15.

Copy Riddles the simplest and fastest path to owning bullets and achieving copywriting breakthroughs that I’ve found. Because…

It is based on Gary Halbert’s tested and proven advice. And it goes one step further.

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