Perry Marshall – Power Prism

Power Prism – How to put $1 in ads and get $2 out, NAIL your sales message and finally play with the big dogs…

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Power Prism – How to put $1 in ads and get $2 out, NAIL your sales message and finally play with the big dogs…

…Even in a world where labor is expensive, inflation is high, workers don’t want to work, COVID loans are long gone, downward pricing pressure is relentless, and enjoying stable growth seems an impossible dream…

Dear Marketing Professional,

If you feel the world clamping down on you … if you sense volatility nipping at your heels … if you dislike the nagging sensation you’re losing traction and you don’t know why …

Strong chance it’s cuz A.I. is already working against you instead of for you. At the Definitive A.I. Seminar 4 months ago, Sam Woods warned:

“Everything I’m showing you will be relevant for the next 12-18 months …

…after that, all bets are off.”

If you feel the gears slipping, it’s because A.I. is quietly and insidiously eroding your power.

Get Power Prism – Captivating Customers in Chaotic Climates

  • Session One: What is Your Volatility Resistance Score?
    A fast powerful exercise to “score” your business and show you is trapping you at the sub-$100/hour level and what to do to move up to $1,000 per hour or more …
  • Session Two: Your Power Prism Artificial Intelligence Playbook
    Conduct meticulous research to “spy” on your competitors’ strategies, offers, propositions … and uncover weaknesses you can exploit
    Quickly compare customer stories and gain invaluable insight into their buying processes.
  • Session Three: Your Power Prism Promise
    We Put Your Business on the Anvil and Pound Out All the Slag Until You’ve Got a Purified, Powerful Proposition
    You will leave this session knowing the irreducible core of your clearest, most powerful, most unique messaging and how to use it to craft killer offers …
  • Session Four
    How to Propel Your “Chainsaw to the Clutter” Sales Missive into “One in a Million” Territory
    In this session we’ll look at your Power Prism and apply the most powerful 21st Century business strategies. Star Principle, Simplify, Network Effect … from powerful messaging to world-domination strategy.
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 4.06 GB
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Content: Video, Pdfs

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