Michael Dillion – LinkedIn Posts for Job-seekers

LinkedIn Posts for Job-seekers – With 30 easy-to-use templates, you’ll have a clear plan that attracts hiring managers, recruiters…

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LinkedIn Posts for Job-seekers – With 30 easy-to-use templates, you’ll have a clear plan that attracts hiring managers, recruiters and industry professionals to your profile page.

Are you applying for endless jobs but getting no response?

You’re not alone. James, one of my coaching clients, felt the same until he tried a different approach.

He felt like his resume vanished the moment he hit apply.

But not anymore.

James transformed his job search by posting content on LinkedIn.

No more sending applications and hearing nothing back.

Does posting content on LinkedIn really help you land a job?

Well, it does if you do it right.

The problem? Most people post content on LinkedIn with no plan. No strategy.

They haven’t considered their audience at all. That doesn’t work.

Michael Dillion created 30 LinkedIn posts specifically designed to help James land a job.

He designed a full content strategy specifically for him.

He used these 30 posts to connect with fellow job seekers, industry professionals, recruiters and hiring managers.

And it worked!

Within 2 weeks, James got 8 times as many views on his LinkedIn profile.

Those views turned to messages, those messages turned to calls, and those calls turned to job interviews.

James now works at his dream job, all thanks to his hard work, this content strategy and these templates.

Inside LinkedIn Posts for Job-seekers, you’ll receive:

  • A proven content strategy
  • 30 Templates for LinkedIn posts designed for job-seekers.
  • Detailed analysis of why each template works.

You’ll know exactly what to say every day (and why).

I know you’re busy. So, just like James, you can use these templates with less than 30 minutes of daily effort.

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