Josh Braun – Poke the Bear Cold Calling

Poke the Bear Cold Calling – Starting conversations with skeptical prospects. Want to sell without selling your soul?…

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Poke the Bear Cold Calling – Starting conversations with skeptical prospects.

Struggling to book meetings? Getting ghosted? Want to sell without selling your soul?

“We have a vendor for that” isn’t an objection.

It’s the truth.

No matter what you sell, prospects are getting the job done.

They’re making progress.

They’re getting from point A to point B

They have a solution in place.

To disrupt the status quo, you need to shine a light on a different idea related to a problem your prospect might not know about.


Josh Braun – Poke the Bear Cold Calling

The 3 question cold call.

1. Mini invitation.

“Hi Mandy, This is James with Descript. We’ve never spoken, but I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions about The Dropout podcast.“

2. Understand the current way.

“Are you guys using Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive as a central repository for podcast-related files?”

When you’re specific or crispy, prospects secretly think, “You get me.”

3. What’s possible.

“You’ve probably looked into real-time editing that lets your team collaborate simultaneously without needing to download or upload files.”

Your prospect isn’t naive. Chances are they’re familiar with the type of solution you sell. Pressupose they’ve looked into switching and decided not to.

You don’t have to fill people’s heads with information.

Your job is to draw information out.

If yes —> “It sounds like the value wasn’t there for you.”

If no —> “It sounds like there’s a reason for that.”

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