How to Use the Power of AI to Become a Higher-Paid Writer – Guillermo Rubio (AWAI)

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How to Use the Power of AI to Become a Higher-Paid Writer – Now you can dramatically boost your output and productivity — setting yourself up to earn WAY more while writing LESS…

… all while consistently delivering high-quality copy to your clients

What’s inside How to Use the Power of AI to Become a Higher-Paid Writer?

This is the perfect training to give me EVERYTHING I need to start using AI programs like ChatGPT to turbocharge my writing business NOW.

I’m going to learn everything writers need to know about AI… which programs are the best for copywriters… and all the ways AI can rocket my productivity and income…

I ’m going to “look over G ’s shoulder” as he shows me the exact methods, prompts, and phrases he uses to get the very most out of AI programs like ChatGPT when it comes to…

  • market and product research…
  • creating project outlines…
  • getting words onto a blank page…
  • generating headlines and subject line starters…
  • coming up with copy angles and ideas…
  • editing copy…
  • and much more!

Getting direct insights from G — who’s been learning, using, and mastering a variety of AI programs for the past two years — will be transformative for me, my productivity, and my income-earning ability as a writer.

But it’s not “just” my 3-Hour Crash Course AI training I’ll get…

Access to AWAI’s all-new “how-to” video-based learning program on “AI for writers” the instant it’s ready…

Name of Course: Guillermo Rubio (AWAI) – How to Use the Power of AI to Become a Higher-Paid Writer
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 2.70 GB
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