ChatLetters – Jon Benson

ChatLetters by Jon Benson – Delivers A-List High-Converting Sales Pages Out Of ChatGPT In Under An Hour!

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ChatLetters by Jon Benson – Delivers A-List High-Converting Sales Pages Out Of ChatGPT In Under An Hour!

New ChatGPT “Pre-Prompting” Hack Lets You Create High-Profit Sales Pages That Clone Proven Winners…Rewritten For Any Offer In Minutes

This makes creating a sales letter for any offer virtually cut-and-paste simple…each section done in minutes…no copywriting skills required…and converts like an A-lister wrote it…just use it BEFORE this little-known “copy loophole” closes

Here’s what you’re getting inside ChatLetters…

First, you’ll get my proven 4-part video training called The Buyers Roadmap…revealing…
  • How to craft sales copy that connects powerfully with your audience and activates their buying impulses…
  • How to tap into the precise words and phrases your ideal buyers need to hear to make a purchase…
  • How to get ChatGPT to write your complete Avatar Blueprint using as few as 4 words…
  • And much more!
Next, my Long-Form Sales Letter training will show you…
  • How to create a direct response sales page in under 60 minutes that brings in new customers and soaring profits…
  • All 15 sales letter sectional frameworks bursting with persuasive language that’s ready for you to let ChatGPT customize with your offer details…
  • Strategies that draw readers in with compelling headlines and leads to build intense desire and interest…complete with vivid stories and dimensional benefits…
  • Motivational calls to action that make the purchase a “must-have”…
  • Formulas I’ve used that have generated tens of millions in sales for my clients…
  • And much more!
Next, my Short-Form Sales Letter training is all about…
  • Getting fast conversions from your most responsive audiences…
  • Delivering all 12 short-form letter sectional frameworks, along with special prompts for activating your hottest leads…
  • Trimming creation time all the way down to a mere 45 minutes..​
  • And much more!
PLUS as a special bonus you’ll receive my Strategy Call Close…
  • Perfect if you’re selling offers over $5,000 and need to close on the phone…
  • Less than 5 minutes to create and pop into any sales letter!
AND as a limited-time bonus…”The SECRET AI App”…
  • I reveal an AI that’s BETTER THAN CHATGPT…and FREE (as of today)…
  • Runs at speeds 8-10X FASTER than GPT-4…
  • PLUS I show you how I use it to create roadmaps and sales copy QUICKLY!

In conclusion, Jon Benson’s innovative ChatLetters strategy offers a game-changing approach to creating high-converting sales letters.

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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 6.84 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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