Walker Deibel – Buy Then Build Masterclass

Buy Then Build Masterclass – Master Acquisition Entrepreneurship & build profitable businesses with less stress, less risk than the start-up game!

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Buy Then Build Masterclass – Master Acquisition Entrepreneurship & build profitable businesses with less stress, less risk than the start-up game!

“Take the Fast Track to Business Ownership: as an Acquisition Entrepreneur

Let me guess – you’re here because you want to own your own business. Maybe you’ve tried the start-up approach. Maybe you didn’t even get that far because you couldn’t come up with the
“Next Big Idea.”

The Buy Then Build model will teach you how to approach ownership in the smartest possible way

This is the same strategy I’ve used to acquire 7 businesses and 10x my income – all in the same amount of time it took my first startup to start, grow, and die.

I created this Masterclass to help aspiring Acquisition Entrepreneurs execute the Buy Then Build approach. Consider this the next step in your journey.”

We created this Buy Then Build Masterclass to support…

  • Your First Venture
    Learn how to acquire a business with all the infrastructure already rocking so YOU can jump into the fun stuff and start scaling.
  • Experienced Entrepreneurs
    Use your existing resources & skillsets to generate exponential business growth on repeat.
  • Business Moguls
    Make moves to acquire entire channels of distribution, expand your product lines, and absorb whole databases of customers.

Here’s everything we’ll cover inside Buy Then Build Masterclass

  • Module 1: Introduction to Acquisition Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: Getting Started With Acquisition Entrepreneurship
  • Module 3: Profiling Your Perfect Company
  • Module 4: The Search
  • Module 5: Evaluation and Analysis
  • Module 6: The Seller
  • Module 7: Part One: Acquisition Phase
  • Module 7: Part Two: Conducting Due Diligence
  • Module 8: Then Build
  • Glossary: Key Metrics for Financial Analysis
  • Glossary: Key Concepts for Acquisition Entrepreneurs
  • Specialized Resources for Online Buyers
  • Specialized Resources for Working with Investors
Name of Course: Walker Deibel – Buy Then Build Masterclass
Author Price: $1500
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 72.46 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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