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Core Campaigns – Learn The Simple “Must-Have” Email Campaigns Every Business Needs — No Matter Your Niche, Market,…

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Core Campaigns – Learn The Simple “Must-Have” Email Campaigns Every Business Needs — No Matter Your Niche, Market, Or Email Platform — In Just 2 Hours Of Your Time!

Hey, Troy Broussard here…

And if you’d like the rare ability to increase sales & engagement for practically any business ‘on demand’ — merely by installing a handful of simple email campaigns you can learn in a few minutes each — then my new course can show you how.

Here’s just SOME of what you will learn in Core Campaigns:

  • ​Implement an automated campaign that consistently operates in the background, cleverly influencing Gmail to enhance the deliverability of your regular broadcasts.
  • Uncover the exact 13 best days to send follow-up emails to customers within the 6 months after their high-ticket course purchase, maximizing engagement and retention.
  • Learn a subtle yet powerful line to include in your welcome email, making it nearly neurologically impossible for recipients not to reply, employing sophisticated psychology without the need for bribes or giveaways.
  • “Jury-rig” a commonly available email automation to discreetly determine which product a new subscriber is most likely to purchase, automatically triggering targeted offers for that specific product.
  • Discover the ideal email to send 22 to 27 minutes after someone joins your email list, optimizing engagement at a crucial early stage.
  • Identify and rectify a subtle advertising mistake that many businesses make, unknowingly filtering out high-net-worth leads from seeing your ads.
  • Implement a clever tagging maneuver to keep your email list organized and streamlined, particularly during promotional periods.
  • Execute the “One Thing” core campaign right after your welcome sequence to solidify engagement and build a strong connection with your audience.
  • Deploy a crafty re-engagement campaign for dormant leads, involving the clever tactic of wishing them a “happy birthday” even when it’s not their birthday, followed by a highly specific message to reignite their interest.
  • Learn the best method for repurposing old helpdesk tickets to boost engagement and retention, turning seemingly outdated information into valuable content.
  • Explore the unique “Double Squeeze” core campaign, an innovative selling approach that can be repeatedly used for a quick infusion of cash whenever needed.
  • Master the “barbecue handshake” method for effortlessly crafting a compelling welcome email, even if writing copy is typically a challenging task for you.
  • Implement a post-purchase campaign that subtly incorporates cross-sells, upsells, and affiliate offers so seamlessly that buyers not only fail to notice but may even express gratitude for the valuable content.
  • Discover a clever strategy to gather glowing testimonials for your new product before it’s officially launched to your email list.
  • Understand why restricting a promotion to an interested sub-list is a common mistake and learn an alternative approach for better results.
  • Identify the exact best time window to request testimonials within a post-purchase campaign, maximizing the likelihood of positive responses.
  • Challenge the conventional wisdom on using quizzes and surveys to understand audience preferences. Instead, explore the “Quizzes Be Damned” core campaign, designed to uncover what your audience will actually buy with nearly 100% accuracy.
  • And more
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