The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship – Guillermo Rubio (Awai)

The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship – This is your chance to learn how to write emails that clients will pay you up to $5,000 for… every single month!

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The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship – This is your chance to learn how to write emails that clients will pay you up to $5,000 for… every single month!

In just six weeks, Guillermo will help you transform into an email copywriting specialist.

He’ll help you develop the skills you’ll need to go out and land high-paying email clients… and he’ll get you ready to be certified as an AWAI Verified™ Email Copywriting Specialist.

If you pass this prestigious certification, you’ll be awarded a badge you can proudly display in ALL your marketing materials.

Finally, you recognize that you’ll have a real opportunity to land a $2,000 check from AWAI via their spec challenge, which you’ll be working on throughout the training.

What You Get Inside The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship:

    • A total of six power-packed self-paced training modules, where you’ll learn how to write emails that get opened and clicked, and drive sales for my clients.
    • Three amazingly insightful “pretraining” modules, that you can begin watching as soon as you secure my spot.
    • You’ll get to “zero in” on (and quickly master) the specific knowledge you need to build a strong foundation as an Email Copywriting Specialist.

But that’s not all. You also get…

  • BONUS 1: How to Write High-Impact Emails Course. AWAI’s bestselling course on how to write individual emails that delight, engage, and get the click.
  • BONUS 2: “Done-for-You,” Proven Email Campaign Templates. This is a powerful collection of different email campaign templates mapped out, so you’re never at a loss about WHAT to write for your clients to help get them REAL results.
  • BONUS 3: Subject Line Magic. This is a handy reference guide packed with dozens of winning subject lines, proven to get the emails you write OPENED and read. (This will be a great source of inspiration and prevent writer’s block from this day forward.)
  • BONUS 4: Your Winning Email Swipe File. This is a collection of great emails, all categorized for me, and will serve as inspiration or great “models” for me to follow when writing emails for clients.
  • BONUS 5: 11 Questions to Ask Every New Email Client. This series of questions ensures you get all the info you’ll need from my client to write an email campaign that does gangbusters.
  • BONUS 6: Templates for the 11 Most Common Emails You’ll Write. If you’re struggling to write my client’s emails, you can simply take out these templates and make a few tweaks, and you’regood to go!
Name of Course: Guillermo Rubio (Awai) – The Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship
Author Price: $5000
Sale Page: _
Release Date: 2023
File Size: 5.31 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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