The Avatar Workshop – Film Booth

The Avatar Workshop will teach you how to build profiles of your viewers so that you are better equipped to produce more appealing content.

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The Avatar Workshop will teach you how to build profiles of your viewers so that you are better equipped to produce more appealing content.

Want real growth on YouTube? You have to understand people.

The idea of growth on YouTube is simple.

All you need to do is make videos people click on and watch.

But one video viewed isn’t enough – for real growth you need to create content so irresistible your viewers watch ten videos in a row and then keep coming back to your new releases, time after time.

Thats when the real growth happens. But it’s also where most channels fall down because they never take the time to try and understand what their ideal viewers are really interested in on a psychological level.

This leads to poor click through rates, and then when that all important click does come, they can’t hold the viewers attention.

This Avatar Workshop will help Educational YouTubers analyse viewers on a deeper level and will teach them how to take that information and use it to come up with more interesting video ideas and content that keep viewers coming back to a channel.

The Avatar Workshop Covers

  • Goal setting
    Learn how to set and achieve clear goals, that help you determine who the people you need to appeal to are.
  • Demographics
    Learn how to establish the physical features of your viewers without relying on the YouTube Studio data which could actually be causing you more harm than good.
  • Psychographics
    This is where click through rates are built and where you’ll learn how to understand what’s actually important to your viewers and what they’ll always ignore.
  • Interests
    The best YouTubers in the world put the majority of their focus into working out what their viewers find interesting. You’ll learn how to work this out for your own channel.
  • Measurement
    The data YouTube gives you can be overwhelming but you’ll learn what to focus on to continue to tweak and refine your avatars interests.
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Release Date: 2023
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