Stephen Houraghan – Brand Master Bootcamp Elite

Brand Master Bootcamp offers the confidence and experience you need as you build your brand with Stephen Houraghan..

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Brand Master Bootcamp Elite Program offers the confidence and experience you need as you build your brand with Stephen Houraghan and a cohort of peers.

Leverage The Brand Master Secrets Framework Trusted By Thousands Of Pro Strategists

Follow the entire Brand Master Secrets Framework step-by-step, with video lessons, examples, case studies, community support, and coaching to ensure you follow the processes from beginning to end.

What’s inside Brand Master Bootcamp Elite?

  • WK 01 – Brand Strategy Mindset
    Discover the psychology and structure behind brand strategy to show up as the best strategist and consultant you can be.
  • WK 02 – The Brand Within
    Develop the internal brand compass that shapes what you believe, where you’re going and what your brand is committed to.
  • WK 03 – Audience & Competitor Research
    Uncover your target market, bring them to life and analyse your competitors who are already serving them.
  • WK 04 – Differentiation Strategy
    Find gaps and opportunities left by your competitors and develop a difference that will act as your competitive edge.
  • WK 05 – Pyschology And Neuroscience
    Discover the science behind brand strategy and learn how to leverage psychology to build brands and persuade clients
  • WK 06 – Brand Archetypes And Personality
    Develop a tangible personality using archetypes and bring it to life so your brand feels like a tangible human entity.
  • WK 07 – Brand Messaging Framework
    Craft a brand messaging framework of key messages that will act as a coms guide and shape your brand image.
  • WK 08 – Brand Storytelling Framework
    Develop a storytelling framework of micro stories with a structure used by best-selling authors and Oscar winning film makers
  • WK 09 – Brand Naming, Tagline And Hooks
    Craft a strategic brand name and tagline to encapsulate your brand position and engaging hooks to draw your audience in.
  • WK 10 – Visual Identity Development
    Bring your brand to life visually, using your strategy as the basis for creative direction and visual identity design.
  • WK 11 – Brand Guidelines Development
    Distil and document your brand strategy to develop a Brand Master Guide as a rule book and directive for all brand communication.
  • WK 12 – Brand Strategy Delivery
    Deliver your final Brand Master Guide by submitting for evaluation with guidance and feedback from your coach.
Name of Course: Stephen Houraghan – Brand Master Bootcamp Elite
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File Size: 30.92 GB
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