Scott DeLong & Jon Dykstra – Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook

Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook – What Newsletter do you do? The Playbook reveals Scott’s 4 question framework to find that out…

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Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook – What Newsletter do you do? The Playbook reveals Scott’s 4 question framework to find that out…

Scott is the GOAT (Greatest of all time) when it comes to building non-business newsletters.

And his method consists of 4 basic quadrants. Here they are:


Get their emails by running ads, or use your own organic traffic.

Emails are the best asset you can own online because there’s no algorithm arbitrarily limiting your reach


Run cheap, extremely simple ads on Facebook.

You’ll be stunned how something so stupid simple can bring in so much like clockwork.

In fact, Scott’s ads still beat agency ads years later. Start with as little as $10 a day.


Most users will never see your site again, but with their emails you can have them click over and over again.

Make money with display ads on your site (Yes, you can use content that Google has snubbed)

or add affiliate links, your own products, etc.


When starting, just put back the amount you make to make use of the compounding effect.

Once the money snowballs, eat the bulk and reinvest a small part.

What’s Inside The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook?

  • UNLIMITED CONTENT (Really) by fairly using others content
  • How to create newsletter content blazingly fast
  • 5 questions to stupid simple Facebook ads that work like crazy
  • The exact template of Scott’s 6 successful newsletters
  • Track your numbers with this handy spreadsheet
  • What to do if you already have a niche site
  • Breakdown of 7 websites and how to tack on a newsletter to them
  • Breakdown of 2 Stupid simple ads that made millions
  • 100 subject lines that work like crazy
  • 2 words that drive subscribers to your newsletter
  • The exact calculator Scott used for his newsletters
  • What not to do in your welcome email
  • Selling your newsletters for the maximum amount
  • How to write a welcome email that will make them stick around
  • REVEALED: REAL numbers from a new newsletter
  • Psychological tricks to that reduces unsubscribes from the get-go
  • 7 straightforward steps to million dollar newsletters
  • Exactly what makes a successful newsletter
  • 4 questions that determines your newsletter success
  • How to tack on a newsletter to an existing niche site
  • Million dollar sign up forms
  • $500,000 Facebook ad tip
  • 8 Golden rules of naming your newsletters
  • What’s the best countries to target for high RPM
  • The single place you want your ads to appear on
  • Tried and true ad layouts for the most RPMs
  • Stop wasting your money on like campaigns, do this instead
  • 6 Prompts for rapid fire content that keeps subscribers
  • The one emoji that make ads work like gangbusters
Name of Course: Scott DeLong & Jon Dykstra – Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 613.7 MB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
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