Pillars Of Productivity – Tiago Forte

Pillars of Productivity – Transform your approach to work and life, breaking free from the cycle of a growing to-do list…

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Pillars of Productivity – Transform your approach to work and life, breaking free from the cycle of a growing to-do list and achieving the results you desire.

Ever wondered why your to-do list seems never-ending despite your hard work?

Distractions, procrastination, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) make accomplishing tasks challenging in today’s fast-paced environment.

Despite having an array of digital tools, the promised results often elude us.

But here’s the game-changer: enroll in our latest course, “Pillars of Productivity.”

Productivity entails:

  • Transforming Vision into Reality: It’s about bringing the ideas in your mind to life, turning your vision into tangible outcomes.
  • Efficient Work: Minimizing waste—whether it’s time, effort, energy, potential, imagination, ideas, or relationships—by working smartly.
  • Reliable Systems: Having a trustworthy system that instills confidence, enabling you to navigate through whatever challenges life presents.
  • Self-Awareness: Recognizing your limits and having the mindfulness to pause, ensuring you never push yourself beyond what your body and mind can handle.
  • Clarity and Focus: Creating a clear vision and concentrating on the right priorities that pave the way for the life you aspire to lead.

Pillars of Productivity: The complete blueprint for modern, digital productivity

Think of your productivity system as a building you’re constructing.

There are four pillars at the corners of that building that hold it all together.

Each pillar is a software program – an app – that fulfills a critical function in modern life: a digital calendar, a task manager (or digital to-do list), a digital notetaking app, and a read-later app.

You can offload all the information coming at you (e.g., from emails and many other sources) to those four pillars and resurface it right when you need it.

The Weekly Review ties it all together. It’s your ritual to finish every week with a sense of completion, finality and fulfillment,

and start the new week with clarity and purpose, not based on wishful thinking but on thoughtful preparation.

These tools are so powerful, but no one ever really taught us how to use them effectively.

That’s exactly what this course is designed to do

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