Paul Ross – Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery

Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery – This Incredibly Powerful “Subconscious Sales” System Must Skyrocket Your Sales And Commissions..

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Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery – This Incredibly Powerful “Subconscious Sales” System Must Skyrocket Your Sales And Commissions In Record Time

Now, generally speaking, these guys had the following issues with their “sales process”:

  • Very limited ability to do effective “prospect outreach”
  • Total lack of, or very poor ability, to “qualify leads”
  • Extreme fear of, and an inability to handle, “no” or “rejection”
  • Nearly non-existent communication and leadership skills for “effective presentations”

And finally…

  • No Effective Ways To Close The Deal And Handle Objections!


Now, it’s time to stop blabbering and tell you exactly what you’ll get when you invest in yourself and get instant access to this ground-breaking, skyrocket-your-sales training.

What’s inside Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery?

Part #1: The Subtle Art Of Superior Mindset

How To Conquer Self-Sabotage, Blast Past Old Limiting Beliefs, And Show Up Aligned And Ready To Win!

  • A simple, 3-word phrase that 100% defuses and erases any and all limiting beliefs
  • How to avoid the ONE word that will guarantee you keep reprogramming yourself for failure – and what to replace it with instead
  • Secrets of “Ownership Language” – these three words will supercharge your motivation and keep you in unstoppable motion
  • The RFM Principle – how to use the “operating system” of the unconscious mind to ensure you show up congruent, aligned, and fully ready to win
  • And a lot more in perhaps the most innovative, original, and completely revolutionary part of this training

Part #2:Foundations For Your Fortune

The 4 Gold-Key Secrets That Power Your Subtle Selling $uper Succe$$

  • No matter what your industry or profession, you are ALWAYS selling first, and what it will cost you if you don’t
  • How to conquer the one “kill-the-sale” obstacle you must overcome if you really want to crush your numbers
  • No, it’s NOT lack of rapport, or “know, like, and trust”, or any of the traditional bullcrap explanations
  • The two top questions you must ask yourself before every pitch, presentation, or meeting that will wildly increase your odds of making the sale, before you even open your mouth
  • The jaw-dropping secret to get your prospect to feel instantly understood, respected, and eager to be led, without you stating a single fact, specific, or data point about your product or service

Part #3:

How To Double Or Triple The Effectiveness And Bottom Line Results Of Your Sales Presentations

  • How to leverage a simple 3-word phrase that unconsciously triggers your prospects to “impulse buy” even when you are moving high-ticket products and services
  • Two simple tools that awaken your prospect’s child-like desire to believe you, BEFORE you give any facts, figures, or numbers
  • How To “pre-seed” your prospects for a friction-free close in the first 5 minutes of your conversation
  • And a hell of a lot more in this mind-blowing section that will leave you reeling!

Part #4: The Subtle Art Of Smashing Objections

How To Increase Your Sales And Closings By Up To An Additional 15-20% With The Power Of Verbal “Jiu-Jitsu”

  • When and how you MUST break rapport, and even shock your prospect past their objections
  • How to use counter-examples to create virtual objection amnesia – by far the most fun of all the fun methods this section teaches
  • How to use “Illusion Of Agreement” to devastate the “I’ve Got To Talk To My Spouse” objection
  • How to use “Meaning Reframes” to transform “Fee Negotiators” into willing clients who pay you what you’re worth
  • And much, much more in this power-packed, super-enjoyable section that will turn you into an objection crushing machine!
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