Nina Clapperton – 6 Months to 50k Sessions Masterclass

6 Months to 50k Sessions Masterclass helps frustrated travel bloggers learn the strategies needed to scale their traffic AND..

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6 Months to 50k Sessions Masterclass helps frustrated travel bloggers learn the strategies needed to scale their traffic AND monetize their blog as quickly as possible.

Are you a persevering travel blogger, desperate to increase your traffic past 5,000-35,000 sessions a month?

Would it push you over the edge to hear ONE more comment about your “little hobby blog”?

Are you anxious for your blog to generate more than a $100 a month?

Imagine quitting your soul-sucking day job to welcome in a couple thousand dollars each month – courtesy of your blog!

But how does the average part-time blogger reach the 50,000 sessions needed to be accepted into Mediavine?

In just 6 months, Nina Clapperton took her travel blog from 6k to 50,000 sessions.

The strategies she uses can be implemented with success by ANY blogger in ANY niche.

What You’ll Get With 6 Months to 50k Sessions Masterclass

  • Mini course with 6 targeted monthly action plans so you can maximize your time during your 6 month sprint to Mediavine
  • 7 short, guided videos so you can conceptualize the tasks you need to accomplish and get to work implementing strategies quickly
  • A list of my favorite blogging resources so you can use the same tools as the pros
  • Blog FAQ section tutorial so you can find the best FAQ keywords to lengthen any post and bring in thousands of extra page views
  • tips so you can quickly churn out high quality posts at a fraction of your normal writing speed
  • Topic specific 6-month timeline so you can prioritize tasks and spend less time second guessing yourself
  • Batch content format so you can take advantage of your brain’s “flow” energy and ride the wave of increased productivity
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Release Date: 2023
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