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Scale Your Travel Blog – Level up your blogging skills so that you can grow your website traffic and make predictable passive income..

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Scale Your Travel Blog – Join 650+ travel bloggers and level up your blogging skills so that you can grow your website traffic and make predictable passive income.

Learn to grow your audience with Google search and create predictable travel blog income through our top-rated coaching program, Scale Your Travel Blog.

  • Exponentially grow your blog readers by learning updated blogging strategies [SEO] (that work a lot faster than typical SEO practices)
  • Make money from your website even if you have a small blog and fewer readers than you wish you had
  • Set your blog up for predictable income by applying our email marketing practices (the vital piece of the blogging puzzle that most travel bloggers ignore)
  • Become financially and location independent by being your own boss and writing about the thing you love most… travel!

What’s inside Scale Your Travel Blog?

Module 1: Introduction + Mindset

How to efficiently go through this course

Joining our private Facebook mastermind group where you’ll receive extensive support from us and the community

The most common ways to earn money with your travel blog and additional ways to earn money from your site or travel blogging skills.

Module 2: On-Page SEO (SEO For Travel Blogs + Beyond)

In the second module, we’ll dive deep into SEO strategies. We’ll talk about:

How to find the best topics for growing the number of readers on your site (also called keyword research)

How to get readers to your site quickly even if you’re a new blogger (a secret keyword research trick you NEED to use)

How to write blog posts that rank in the top 10 of Google

Module 3: Backlinks

Backlinks are vital for the success of your travel blog. In this lesson, we cover everything you need to know about backlinks, including:

Introduction to backlinks

How to make Google like you quickly by getting ‘backlinks’ (we show you the exact steps)

Module 4: Off-Page SEO

Here’s what we talk about:

How to make Google trust your website more by optimizing your site for E-E-A-T

How to make your travel blog load quickly, so you aren’t punished

Setting your travel blog up so that your readers are happy and Google is happy

Module 5: Scaling With Affiliate Marketing

The easiest and fastest way to earn money with your travel blog is through affiliate marketing. We cover every aspect of affiliate marketing in this module. Here’s what we cover:

Finding the perfect topics to write about that lead to money in your pocket

How to join these affiliate programs so that you can start to make money

Module 6: SEO For Old Blog Posts

This module will help you fix old blog posts so that you can increase your readers with content you already have.

Determine what to do with old blog posts (is it more beneficial to keep them, update them, delete them, or repurpose them?)

Using Google Search Console (a free tool) to improve old posts and grow your traffic

Module 7: Making Money With Ads

This module focuses on earning money with your travel blog through ads. We will specifically talk about:

Finding the perfect ad network and reaching blog traffic requirements

Optimizing blog posts so that you can increase your ad revenue

Module 8: Scaling With Email Marketing

How email marketing can greatly increase your affiliate income (and other potential income streams) each month

How to start and build an email list that interacts with you and buys from you!

How to recommend affiliate products (products you love and use yourself anyway) to your email list without being salesy

Module 9: Scaling With Sponsorships

This module is all about earning money by leveraging your travel blog and partnering with companies who want to get in front of your readers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to choose the best brands to partner with

How to connect with these brands and get on their radar

How to pitch and land these sponsorship deals with confidence (regardless of your audience size)

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