Lara Acosta – Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1)

Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1) – Go From “Regular” LinkedIn User to Top 1% Creator In 8 Weeks…

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Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1) – Go From “Regular” LinkedIn User to Top 1% Creator In 8 Weeks

Join Lara Acosta’s 8-week cohort to learn every single strategy she used to go from 0 followers to #1 Female Creator in the world

Here’s what you’ll get inside Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1):

  • Module 01 – The Foundations
  • Module 02 – Mindset
    Here is a massive difference between those people who make it from 0 to 10,000 followers in months or weeks and those who never make it and that one thing isn’t anything technical but mindset.
  • Module 03 – Choose your character
    Go from NOT having any interesting stories to share, or feeling ordinary to putting it all together and learning what’s possible through other people’s transformations, and case studies.
  • Module 04 – LinkedIn Masterclass
    This is what the top 1% LinkedIn creators talk about and discuss in their secret hangouts
  • Module 05 – Copywriting Supremacy
    You simply need to understand the basic fundamentals of copywriting and that’d be more than enough for you to make 6-figs or more from LinkedInIn this module, I’ll help you fast-track the copywriting learning process.
  • Module 06 – Content Creation Systems
    The single biggest problem that every content creator, entrepreneur, or CEO who wants to build their personal brand on LinkedIn faces, and how you can avoid it from the get-go…
  • Module 07 – Top 1% Psychological Personal Branding Hacks
    Industry experts pay thousands of dollars to learn these psychological hacks to break into the top 1%. You’ll be ready to go out and kill it on LinkedIn.
  • Module 08 – The Art of Storytelling
    How to turn your stories into content without being too cringe, without oversharing, and without overexposing yourself.
  • Module 09 – Networking Mastery
    You’ll discover how the top creators have leveraged networking to position themselves as authority figures in their space and how you can do it too.
  • Module 10 – Monetisation Secrets
    How I build a 100% inbound business through content without a website. From turning your LinkedIn into a landing page, DMs and crafting content that targets your ideal client.
Name of Course: Lara Acosta – Literally LinkedIn (Cohort 1)
Author Price: $399
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 15.24 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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