Josh Hall – SEO Course

Josh Hall – SEO Course – Learn the fundamentals of SEO for web designers for building websites with a solid SEO foundation and…

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Josh Hall – SEO Course – Learn the fundamentals of SEO for web designers for building websites with a solid SEO foundation and selling SEO plans to clients.

Designing a beautiful website is only half the battle; the rest is getting it found online (aka SEO)

If you’re ready to level up your SEO game, this is your course!

  • Get a foundational understanding of how to make Google happy
  • Find out how to optimize your website sites for best SEO results
  • Learn how to climb Google rankings and stay there!
  • Learn how to research and choose keywords that actually rank
  • Become a more confident web designer by offering invaluable SEO knowledge
  • Learn how to submit your sites to Google and get them to index faster

What’s inside Josh Hall – SEO Course?

  • Basic SEO (Foundation & Planning)
    In this module, we’ll cover a basic foundational understanding of SEO including the most important aspects of SEO you need to know, how to effectively plan your SEO strategy for every site you build, SEO tools & resources and more.
  • Intermediate SEO (Optimization & Best Practices)
    Once you have a good, foundational understanding of SEO, we’ll then move on to some more “intermediate” lessons which will get into more technical SEO strategies for optimizing your sites and getting better rankings.
  • Advanced SEO (Ongoing & Marketing)
    In this module, we’ll take everything we’ve learned up to this point and look at several advanced SEO topics and strategies to help you with getting your sites to rank quickly and professionally along with ongoing SEO strategies, offering SEO plans and more!
  • SEO Extra’s (Case Studies & Webinars)
    In this module, Josh Hall will be doing a live Q&A along with some additional advanced trainings and case studies which will be listed below once confirmed!

Who’s this course for?

  • Beginners who have no understanding of SEO, what it is, how to get a site to rank and how to make Google “happy.”
  • Web designers who can “design” a beautiful site but want to learn how to get better rankings and SEO results on Google.
  • Established web designers who know the basics of SEO but are ready to go to the next level results & learn proven strategies.
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