Ed Reay – The Lifestyle Copywriter

The Lifestyle Copywriter – Once You Plug Your Copy Skills Into The Right Client-Getting SYSTEM That’s When The Magic Happens…

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The Lifestyle Copywriter – Once You Plug Your Copy Skills Into The Right Client-Getting SYSTEM That’s When The Magic Happens…

Once You Plug Your Copy Skills Into The Right Client-Getting SYSTEM That’s When The Magic Happens…

I took this social media system my clients were using and adapted it to what I wanted (more copy and consulting clients)…

Over time, I refined and improved the system…

Then when I started making $15k to $30k a month consistently, I started sharing it with others.

60+ copywriters later, we were able to refine and improve the system until it was something truly special…

A system that required only 1 hour a day…

And roughly 2 out of 3 copywriters who went through it were land-paying clients(62.5% to be exact)…

About The Lifestyle Copywriter

What Does An Average Day Look Like With This System?

  • You’re spending 1 hour a day on social media
  • You’re making simple social media posts
  • You’re growing your audience
  • You’re starting conversations with potential clients in a high value way
  • You’re making offers the way I show you how

That’s it.

The Result?

  • Business owners will DM you
  • Business owners will want to talk to you
  • Business owners will want to hire you to write copy or consult them

How To Use This System To Land Your Next Client

Go through these modules at your own pace (or binge on it this a weekend)…

Follow the system for 1 hour a day until you close your first client…

Repeat until you hit your income/lifestyle goals!

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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 6.21 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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