Sales Page Prep School – Dani Paige

Sales Page Prep School – Learn To Write High-Converting Sales Pages & Gain A Repeatable System For Gaining & Delivering Career-Changing Client Projects

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Sales Page Prep School – Learn To Write High-Converting Sales Pages & Gain A Repeatable System For Gaining & Delivering Career-Changing Client Projects

Offering sales pages is the quickest way to hit your financial freeing + schedule freeing goals

Because let’s face it – writing blogs ain’t gonna get you to $10K months.

But my spidey senses say you already know that. You likely know it all too well.

However, wanting to have a high-ticket service

that produce results for your clients…

And actually doing it…

Might feel worlds apart.

After Sales Page Prep School, you’ll be able to:

  • Master the art of writing ethical, conversion-driven sales pages and feel like you officially belong in the launch copy space
    Feel more confident in the writing process by learning the ins and outs of a high-converting page, so you can plant your flag in conversion copy and become a more valuable asset for future clients
  • Build and integrate reliable systems into your business and successfully lead clients through a robust customer journey
    Graduate from the blog writing or social captions “phase” and eliminate the need for juggling -and finding!- handfuls of smaller projects (because writing ONE sales page can equate to the price of 15+ blogs!)
  • Close more sales calls and sign more proposals with improved business skills across the board
    Gain training on every element of a launch project – the client getting, selling, securing, and paying!
  • Gain financially independent VIBES by learning to market and deliver the #1 launch asset that course creators pay good money for
    Crank out pages faster and smarter with your own tried-and-true repeatable process that you feel GOOD about
  • Boost your confidence to Rihanna-level heights when you fuel your brain with copy, launch, and business knowledge, and then put it into action in real time
    Translate the step-by-step training and in-the-moment support into making you an indispensable and go-to figure in the sales copywriting domain

The goal of this accelerator is to provide you with the deep training + mega support, so you can come inside, gain the skills, get the feedback, explode your confidence, and then turn around and offer a new area of high-paying services.

All in 10 weeks.

Each week, you’ll receive an email with what we’re covering that week. You’ll gain access to the training, the swipes, templates, and all the examples necessary to gain the sales page skills on the docket. And you’ll have a community of other copywriters and daily support in the FB group to make this uplevel your reality.

After a Sales Page Prep School uplevel, many students have niched into sales pages, added launch copy, sales page audits, launch strategy, and so much more to their service packages. This one skill has the potential to carve out money-making services online for life.

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