Curious Refuge – AI Filmmaking

AI Filmmaking – This is the world’s first online course for showing you how to use AI to create film..

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AI Filmmaking – This is the world’s first online course for showing you how to use AI to create films.

Our training will cover various aspects of the production process from prompt engineering to animation and movement.

Where Does Hollywood Go to Learn the Future of Film?

Right here… and everyone is welcome.

The World’s First Bootcamp for AI Filmmaking

Welcome to AI Filmmaking from Curious Refuge.

By the end of AI Filmmaking you will…

  • Create an AI Film
    By the end of this course you will be able to create your own AI film from scratch. We’ll show you every step of the process.
  • Network with Industry Legends
    Our online Discord channel is full of some of the most influential storytellers in the world. From Academy Award Winners to directors and producers.
  • Unlock Your Inner Director
    Whether you want to tell a story for the first time or evolve your filmmaking skills, this is your shot to tell great stories with AI.

In the Course You Will Learn How to Use AI for…

  • Ideation + Scriptwriting
    Learn how to utilize AI text tools to generate new ideas, write scripts, and format your project for the production pipeline.
  • Art Direction + Curation
    It’s vitally important to have an eye for the type of art you want to create. We’ll teach you the tools we use to assist in the Art Direction process.
  • Prompt Mastering + Directing
    Prompting is an artistic skill that requires discernment and technique. We’ll show you how to engineer great prompts for visual storytelling.
  • Pitching + Storyboarding
    Learn to create a dynamic storyboard and pitch your idea utilizing the power of AI. Learn to visually communicate your film before it exists.
  • Editing + Pacing + Character
    With great artwork in hand, we’ll now show you how to bring everything together in a meaningful way.
  • Sound Editing + VO
    We’ll utilize the power of AI to help us with sound editing and VO directing. No microphone required!
  • Cinematography + VFX
    We’ll show you how to pull off various cinematography techniques utilizing AI tools and simple VFX applications.
  • Distribution + PR
    Now that you have a finished film, it’s time to get it out in the wild. We’ll show you how to utilize AI to help with distribution.
  • Workflow Optimization
    AI has the power to speed up and optimize virtually every aspect of a film and video production pipeline. We’ll show you how.


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