Discovery Call Masterclass – Christopher Wick (Epic Network)

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Discovery Call Masterclass – How To Master Any Seller Conversation in 3 Simple Steps, Even If You’re a First-Time Buyer!

It is a private masterclass training session focused on mastering the art of business acquisition conversations.

During the masterclass you’ll be guided through every aspect of the 3-step conversation from introduction to acquisition…

Here’s what you’ll get during the Discover Call Masterclass:

  • The First Call Foundational Strategy – You’ll learn exactly what you should say during your first conversations to keep the seller engaged, excited, and leave them with a great first impression, regardless of your experience or background.
  • Second Call Positioning – The second call you have with the seller is where we get into deal specifics. You’ll learn how to properly progress the conversation while eliminating any seller objections, questions, or hesitation along the way. (Even if you only get half of this right, you’ll be on your way to a smooth closing.)
  • Framing + Offer Techniques – You’ll learn how to create irresistible positioning for your offer so sellers feel they can’t lose, even if you choose not to buy the business! We’ll also cover when and how to ask for sensitive documents, introducing the Letter of Intent (L.O.I.), legal talk, and more…
  • Dealing with Difficult Sellers – We’ll spend time specifically dealing with everyone’s worst nightmare, “Difficult Sellers”. You’ll learn exactly why you shouldn’t worry about these instances and how you can easily navigate these situations by turning them into profitable agreements or ineligible deals. Either way, you win…
  • Discovery Call Questionnaire – You’ll get my exact cheatsheet to ensure you cover every question you need to know and avoid the questions that don’t need to be asked upfront.
  • …………
Name of Course: Christopher Wick (Epic Network) – Discovery Call Masterclass
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 1.65 GB
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