Zita – Viral Content Creator AI Automation 2024

Viral Content Creator AI Automation 2024 – Learn how Zita went from 0 to 100k followers in 6 months and made $30k/mo using…

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Viral Content Creator AI Automation 2024 – The Smartest Path From 0 To A $10K-$30K/month Business With AI

Learn how Zita went from 0 to 100k followers in 6 months and made $30k/mo using the AI Content Automation System. without needing to be a content genius…

What Is The AI Content Automation System?

It’s a system Zita spent 10 months designing to help you create proven viral content using AI that:

  • Grows a MASSIVE audience of super fans
  • Turns those fans into CONSISTENT sales.
  • SAVES you hundreds of hours by only spending 1 hour a week creating the content.

This system has allowed me to consistently go viral with multiple videos hitting millions of views.

Using an AI funnel, those views turned into 100’s of booked calls and thousands of dollars on autopilot.

What’s inside Viral Content Creator AI Automation 2024?

Part 1: Building Your Content Empire

  • Create a winning content strategy with AI that will attract your target viewer.
  • Find out your audiences biggest pain points and desires with AI to leverage their emotion.
  • 3 types of content you need to create to attract followers and turn them customers consistently.

Part 2: AI Content Ideas & Scripting

  • Generate an endless list of content ideas on autopilot
  • Learn how to use AI to create viral scripts in less than 60s
  • Steal my ChatGPT mega-prompt for infinite irresistible hooks
  • Learn the 7 high-performing content types that get creators millions of views

Part 3: Recording & Editing With AI

Learn how to leverage AI to create the highest-quality of content at the lowest cost.

  • Turn your audio into studio quality using a powerful AI tool.
  • Learn how to use AI to automatically add captions to your videos.
  • Take advantage of eye-tracking software that will save you hours recording videos.
  • Edit videos seamlessly with Capcut AI which will save you from paying $1000’s for an editor.
  • Generate AI voices for free so you don’t have to speak in your videos (Perfect for you if you’re not great at speaking)

Part 4: Generating Revenue

Steal the exact funnel I use to get hundreds of your followers to buy your product or service while your out golfing or getting a massage at the spa.

  • ​Steal the exact funnel I used to scale to $30k/mo passively.
  • Attract hundreds of leads with a captivating lead magnet.
  • Craft an irresistible offer for your product or service with AI.
  • Learn how to use IG Stories to turn your viewers into buyers.
  • Close $1000 deals in your DM’s by automating your conversations.
Name of Course: Zita – Viral Content Creator AI Automation 2024
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Release Date: 2024
File Size: 3.35 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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