Zarak – Advertorial Mastery

Advertorial Mastery – The Sneaky Way To Turn Cold Leads Into Customers WITHOUT Being A Market Expert OR A-List Copywriter..

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Advertorial Mastery – The Sneaky Way To Turn Cold Leads Into Customers WITHOUT Being A Market Expert OR A-List Copywriter

Imagine writing copy so powerful that your leads are “ready to buy” before they hit your sales page…

A comprehensive training program on writing cold traffic funnels that SCALE PROFITABLY in 2024 – suitable for beginner copywriters, eCom operators, and experienced freelancers.

Over 17 video courses with transcripts and real life examples on:

  • 3 types of advertorials and how to write them (ALL copywriters should know this)
  • Step by step, how to write a cold traffic advertorial funnel from SCRATCH
  • The #1 CARDINAL SIN of split testing – mess this up and your cold traffic campaign will never succeed (common mistake!)
  • Why advertorials beat regular ads – find out why your customers will spend more $$$ after reading your advertorial
  • Rookie mistakes to avoid when writing cold traffic advertorials (DO NOT try clickbait)
  • How a subtle change to the top of your landing page can double your conversion rates without changing anything else
  • 20+ Chat-GPT prompts to write winning advertorials in HALF the time so you can test offers FASTER than your competition
  • The secret to using IMAGES in your advertorials to pre-sell your customers before they even read your sales pitch
  • The special headline formula used by A-list copywriters to write profitable cold traffic offers
  • Why most copywriters FAIL at writing advertorials on cold traffic (they don’t even know what works!)
  • How to make thousands of dollars by pitching eCom brands on advertorial funnels – with cold email scripts included

Here’s EVERYTHING you get inside Advertorial Mastery

  • Module #1: Advertorials Overview
  • Module #2: How to write advertorials
  • Module #3: Split testing your way to 1000 buyers a day
  • Module #4: AI prompts & writing advertorials LIVE
  • BONUS Module #1: MEGA swipe file of 50+ advertorials
  • BONUS Module #2: How to make money as a copywriter using advertorials
  • BONUS Module #3: ‘Plug n Play’ advertorial templates
  • BONUS Module #4: What’s working now

Advertorial Copywriting is the MOST lucrative skill in the DTC space right now… and you’re just one click away from mastering it.

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Release Date: 2024
File Size: 1.62 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
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