YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits

YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits 

Introducing YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits 

How to structure your account for infinite scale and infinite testing, the #1 thing that sets Youtube apart from Facebook.– Youtube A-Z, from the fundamentals to exactly how multi-million dollar accounts are built and managed at insanely high ROI– The difference between FB and Youtube, and why YT is better positioned for getting in front of the right audiences that ACTUALLY WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT. Consistent Returns + Unlimited Traffic = Infinite Scale.– The difference between losing money on YT and a 4X ROAS– How YT gives you full control to create as many variables as you want, to be able to test MILLIONS of potentially profitable combinations.– What to promote on YT– Creating video ads for affiliates and product creators.– Mapping out your funnel and segmenting your campaigns. This is not just retargeting, this is creating custom customer journeys!– Day 3 ‘In your account’ Hot seats and Campaign builds. Bring a campaign you are already running and have Youtube Money Man audit your account and give you exactly what you need to increase ROI and be able to scale, or bring a productthat you want to promote and have him map out the campaign with you.…and much more.

What will you learn in YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits 

Module 01-Youtube Money Man

  1. Youtube Money Man Workshop.pdf
  2. adsdomwelcome.mp4
  3. Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4

Module 02-The Facebook Fast Start Method

  1. Fast Start Method.mp4
  2. The Fast Start Method.pdf
  3. Nigel Builds A Landing Page.mp4
  4. Nigel Builds A Facebook Campaign.mp4

Module 03-Facebook Domination

  1. Facebook Domination Day 1.mp4
  2. Facebook Domination Day 2.mp4
  3. Facebook Domination Day 3.mp4
  4. Facebook Domination Day 4.mp4
  5. Scaling Fundamentals.mp4
  6. Appeal Scripts.pdf

Module 04-Big Ass Ads

  1. BIG ASS ADS Session 1.mp4
  2. Big Ass Videos Session 2.mp4
  3. Big Ass Ads Session 3.mp4
  4. Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4

Module 05-Presell Lander Master Class

  1. Presell Lander Master Class Session 1.mp4
  2. Presell Lander Master Class Session 2.mp4
  3. Presell Lander Master Class Session 3.mp4
  4. Presell Lander Master Class Session 4.mp4

Moduel 06-Email Marketing

  1. The Million dollar list workshop.pdf
  2. Secret email trick.mp4

Proof  – YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits

Name of Course: ​YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits

Release Date: 2020

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $​997

Our Price: $​34.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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