Your Keynote – Sam Cawthorn

Your Keynote

Your Keynote – Sam Cawthorn

Your Keynote – Discover A Step-By-Step Strategy To Getting A Standing Ovation Every Time You Speak

Rockstar coach, best-selling author, and one of the top names in the speaking circuit reveals his personal secrets to becoming a well-paid professional speaker… even if you’ve never delivered a speech in your life!

Great and powerful speakers are MADE, not born

Imagine if you could stand in front of any audience and hold their attention for as long as you needed to. Imagine if you could get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people to listen to your message.

Imagine if you could touch hearts and inspire people to make the changes they need to live happy, successful lives. Now, imagine doing all of this easily, without any fear, doubt, or anxiety…

Without any kind of struggle. Sounds impossible? Here’s the thing…

You can do ALL of this and more. You CAN become a highly paid, professional speaker. And you can do it even if you’ve already tried to be a great speaker but it didn’t work out the way you hoped it would…

Even if you tried but you failed again and again. Even if you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on trainings, coaches, and programs…

Or read just about every book that promised to show you how to hold the attention of thousands in a live audience…

No matter how many times it didn’t work out…

It’s not the end of the road and it’s not the end of your dream.

The secret behind your success? Your Keynote

Your Keynote is a powerful program I’ve created based on strategies I used to go from a complete unknown to world-class speaker

It’s a power-packed, step-by-step video training series that will show you how to write extraordinary speeches and create amazing onstage presence that will wow your audience. You’ll go from nervous newbie to polished pro in less time than it took you to learn how to drive (or ride a bike!)

This training reveals the proven methods, strategies, structures, and techniques to get to the top of the speaking circuit.

These are the techniques personally used to go from a total unknown to a big name speaker who travels around the world speaking at sold out events.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll discover exactly how to avoid some of the most common problems that many new (and even experienced) speakers struggle with. These are the issues that keep even seasoned coaches, transformational teachers, and entrepreneurs from giving their best on stage. Issues like…

  • Not knowing the truth nor the core of your message
  • How to get paid and attract the best speaking gigs
  • How to perform onstage
  • How you can stand out from a crowd

About Sam Cawthorn

Hi! I’m Sam Cawthorn.

I’m a successful professional speaker and I literally came back from the dead to live my life’s purpose. Born and raised in Australia to a Scottish dad and Indian mum, I was one of 11 children. And let me tell you, I was no angel! I got into trouble countless times. I wasn’t interested in traditional education. My life was pretty ordinary back then and I had no idea that it would take an extremely unexpected turn. 10 years ago I was in a massive accident where I was actually pronounced dead.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end for me.

I was resuscitated but I lost my right arm — it had to be amputated. I spent a week on life support, and months after months in the hospital. During that time, I found courage that I never knew I had and I found my purpose — the reason for my second chance at life.

I knew that I came back so I could reach others and show them that they too can overcome anything life throws their way. After my accident, I spent a whole year in a wheelchair. The doctors thought I would never walk again but they turned out to be wrong.

The truth is, my traumatic accident taught me something truly life-changing…

Never EVER give up. I struggled to put my life back together and I wanted to quit so many times. But I didn’t. I found I had limitless inner strength and I know you do too. We all do. How do I know? Because if an ordinary guy like me, a guy who struggled at school, a guy who had lots of trouble staying out of trouble…

If a guy like me can achieve his dreams…

Then you can too!


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