Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 (Scam, MLM or Legit?)

Wealthy Affiliate Course Overview

Introduction To Kyle

First off, let's get started by talking a little bit about Kyle Loudoun. His love for travel, interest in business, and love for digital marketing propelled him to success in the realm of affiliate marketing. He and his business partner Carson Lim created Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

In addition to WA, they own a keyword research tool specifically designed for affiliate marketing called Jaaxy.

They are both very active in the group, and go out of their way to make new members feel very welcome.


So what is Wealthy Affiliate and how does it work? This course is primarily presented by Kyle Loudoun, whereas Carson Lim runs more of the backend of the group. He has a very simple to follow teaching style that makes it easy to ease into the world of understanding more complicated aspects of digital marketing such as Google Webmaster tools.

  • There is a lot of (somewhat repetitive) content in this training, and top students are also able to contribute by producing trainings.
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate free? No, but you can actually try seven days for free.
  •  There's a very supportive and active community.
  • You learn where to find affiliate offers.
  • You're taught how frequently to place affiliate links and make offers to your readers

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Level 1- Getting Started

Here you'll learn to navigate the community, complete your account setup, and take a look at what you get from upgrading to a Premium account. You'll learn to:

  • Create your money goals
  • Choose your niche
  • Build your website
  • Make your site SEO-friendly
  • Create engaging website content
  • Set up your site's menus
  • Research "low hanging fruit" keywords
  • List Element

This first level of the training is fast and furious, allowing you to get your first website up and running with lightning speed.

There are also nine videos, for a whopping total of 2 hours and 51 minutes of tutorials.

Level 2- Getting Traffic

Here you learn to start getting guests to come take a look at your site and what it offers. By the end of this lesson you'll be able to:

  • Pick and purchase a brandable domain name
  • Transfer your site to your new domain name
  • Learn more about targeting SEO keywords
  • Pick relevant images to support your content
  • Post your website in the WA community to get comments and constructive criticism
  • Set up your domain-specific email account
  • Increase your productivity and produce MORE blog posts
  • Learn to sell the Wealthy Affiliate course and post on their blog.

This is basically building on the first lesson, sort of repeating some of the points, and simultaneously going into more detail.

There are ten videos in this part of the training, totaling 2 hours and 27 minutes.

Level 3- Generating An Income

Now that you've got traffic going to your website, You've got to monetize that traffic. These are the ways that you'll achieve just that.

  • Learn about the "customer purchase lifecycle"
  • Locate affiliate offers and find the right ones
  • Learn to promote Amazon products
  • Add affiliate links to your pages
  • Learn to leverage the power of product reviews
  • Get paid to display Google Ads on your site
  • Learn to use Google Analytics

This is basically the most technical and crucial part of the entire training, because it pertains to slapping dollar signs on your web pages.

There are only five videos in this lesson, but they still add up to an hour and 22 minutes.

Level 4- Leverage Social Media

Here you'll learn other ways to maximize the traffic to your site so more eyeballs get glued to your affiliate offers and Google Ads. The training includes the following:

  • Using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share your blog posts
  • Managing your blog comments
  • Utilizing Facebook intelligently to create a discussion
  • Find trending topics on Twitter to harness in your posts
  • Use Google Plus to share your posts (This has since been outmoded)
  • Learn to use the WA social community
  • Learn which social media to use and when

This section is pretty important, though most of your traffic should probably be coming through Google keyword searches.

This is a somewhat shorter lesson than most of the other, and there are 5 videos totaling 50 minutes and 21 seconds.

Level 5- Improve Your Content Writing

Effective content writing is essential to this business model. Product reviews and engaging information are they way to get a loyal fanbase that buys your products.

This level will teach you how to:

  • How to write content efficiently
  • Converting your traffic into more sales
  • Making sure people read and engage with your content
  • An analysis of conversions from a successful website
  • Strategies for longer term success
  • Scaling up your business
  • Making sure your content is visually appealing
  • Use webmaster tools to track your site
  • Setting a yearly plan for your content creation
  • Getting indexed and ranked in Bing and Yahoo
  • Look into ways for outsouring your content

Some of this level seems a little bit repetitive, but there are nonetheless some important pieces of training here.

There are nine videos, totaling two hours and 11 minutes.


There are a whopping 7 phases about this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate alone. The focus on selling WA as a new student definitely raises a red flag for me, but either way this is still a good course.

Bizarrely, many very similar lessons are repeated again, with some tweaks to teach you how to push WA's community with your own affiliate offer.

This bonus teaches you how to:


-This closely mirrors the first "Getting Started" module. There are 8 videos, for a total of 2 hours and 33 minutes.


-This also is very similar to the 2nd level of the training, but it goes into a little more depth and talk specifically about marketing the WA training itself. It includes 6 videos, totaling 1 hour and 22 hours.


-Almost verbatim the same training that you went through in the 3rd level, there are some tweaks here. Six videos are here, totaling 54 minutes and 14 seconds.


-Here, they talk about the importance of reviews, and how you can improve your reviews specifically about the WA platform. Graphs and charts are also a main feature of this phase. Something pretty cool about this phase is that they teach you how to make simple text-based graphics for your sites.


Content creation is discussed yet again, specifically concerning the "intent" of your writing. He also talks about using a content framework to simplify the process of writing an article. Writing with the idea of promoting engagement and comments is discussed here, as well as getting your commenters to convert into sales.

Kyle also discusses using Youtube as an additional source of traffic, and teaches you how to do your keyword research specifically for this platform. After that, Kyle teaches you to create and upload your video to Youtube in such a way that it gets indexed quickly and shows up on Google for others to click.


This is actually a very good lesson that teaches you about PPC for Bing Ads, as well as getting indexed quickly on Bing and Yahoo which are known for taking a little more time to identify new content so it can be found by the public. An interesting revelation is that the rankings in Bing and Yahoo are often exactly the same!

Also discussed here is Bing's Webmaster Tools which is the driving force in allowing Bing to access and show your content to the public. 


As the name implies, this part of the training teaches you to further use PPC to double down on keywords that are already converting into sales.

They also mention that you can target keywords with too much competition for you to beat with SEO. This feels a little bit like a cop out on SEO techniques, but I can definitely see PPC being used as a temporary stopgap while you get your SEO power pack charged up and ready.

Bonus 2- Customer Purchase Lifecycle

This is actually pretty interesting, as it talks about the three main phases of how people make purchases online. This enables you to target your customers at just the right step in the process so they're ready to buy.

The use of keywords that have big names included is also explained. This enables you to scrape up some of the traffic that might otherwise go directly to the source.

Kyle also talks about putting yourself in the customer's shoes as well as how to make somebody turn into a long-term customer. Overall pretty informative stuff.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme? MLM?

What makes businesses a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes occurs usually in a multi-level marketing company where people are mostly getting paid to recruit people, and those recruits go on to recruit more, while the actual product being sold is not providing any real results.

As the business gets saturated in the marketplace, people that join the MLM later on, end up simply losing money because the recruiting has become exponentially more difficult and the product is sort of bogus.

Now Wealthy Affiliate is not multi-tier commission structure like a traditional MLM, it does offer commission (affiliate) opportunities, and because the training focuses a lot on dated affiliate marketing tactics like creating Facebook pages & commenting on other posts, what ends up happening is that the best opportunity in WA is to actually turn around and promote WA.

That gets a lil' hairy because who's ultimately benefiting in that structure the most is simply the course creators, and of course they want everyone inside WA to promote WA.

Some tough questions...

WA has been around for a while...

Why isn't there any high-level SEO training?

Why isn't there any training on backlinking? It is impossible to rank in Google today without backlinks. And that's just Facts.

When the program's best money making opportunity is to promote the program itself, it becomes closer and closer to simply a referral / recruit business like a MLM.

Fortunately, they make is easy to cancel your membership. 

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