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Vector Art

Vector Art: Reflecting Your Style with Illustrator

Perfect your use of color, shading, and lighting to create unique vector graphics

Discover how to transfer your unique illustration style to a digital format with illustrator Daniele Caruso, who specializes in creating unique vector art filled with mystery and dynamism. 

His work has been featured on Augmented Reality icons for the band Slipknot, on snowsports and motorbike accessories for Ruroc, and on posters and displays for Nike.

Learn how to work on Adobe Illustrator with Daniele’s guidance, tips, and tricks. Go from an initial idea to a completed vector illustration ready to add to your portfolio. Are you ready to boost your illustration style with expert techniques?

About Vector Art

Daniele starts the course by telling you about how he became an illustrator and showing you the books and artists that have influenced him along the way. He then gives a brief run-through of what you’ll learn in Vector Art.

Go through Illustrator’s interface and see Daniele’s time-saving hacks, “hatching ideas”, and other techniques he uses. Look for drawing references and explore themes to create a mood board to use as inspiration for your project.

Map out your ideas with thumbnail sketches and decide on the final composition with Daniele’s guidance. Create a rough drawing and then pick out the shapes you want using a lightbox and add more detail.

Next, scan your image and open Illustrator to start creating your vector illustration. Begin with the Pen tool and learn Daniele’s linework techniques, and use hatching on the areas you require.

Apply and experiment with your base color, play around with color ideas, and add volume to your illustration with Daniele’s shading and lighting techniques.

In the final unit of  Vector Art, learn how to push your vector illustrations a step further by adding other elements and final details. Lastly, learn how to save your artwork correctly, understand the different formats and settings that you need for each type of format.

Proof - Vector Art


Course Name: Vector Art - Reflecting Your Style with Illustrator
Sale Page | Value: $49.90 | Release Date: 2021 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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