Transparent FX Course

Transparent FX Course

Transparent FX Course

Transparent FX Course – Join the best trading program on the planet. Don’t fall for the get rich quick schemes! Start Trading with Rule-Based Strategies.

Every day you will get the market analysis covering the exact entries, stop losses and take profits for the trading sessions, as well as which rules of the strategies we are applying.

This is of great support for the traders that are learning our strategies so that they don’t miss opportunities or make mistakes.

Learn how to make your money work for you

The strategies are completely rule based and are applied using pending orders, so you only have to check the market for 5 minutes every 4h during the day to see if the conditions to place the pending orders are satisfied, so they can be applied also working a full time job.

GET ACCESS TO 12GB+ of A-Z video lessons that cover:

How to map the market

  • How to identify key levels
  • How to identify middle key levels
  • How to identify patterns

How to find the direction of the market

  • Multi-timeframe analysis
  • Advanced high timeframe patterns
  • How to use Fibonacci ( the proper way )
  • How to use trendlines ( the proper way )
  • Real and fake trends
  • How to avoid market makers manipulations

How to take swing trades

  • Institutional order flow
  • Strong numbers
  • Small timeframes patterns
  • How to pinpoint your entries
  • Smart money vs dumb money
  • How to trade like a machine

Risk management and probabilities

  • How to be long term consistently profitable
  • The importance of risk-reward
  • Win rate and probability
  • Backtesting the strategies to gain confidence

100% rule-based trading strategies

  • The I.C.I strategy
  • The W.M. strategy
  • The T.L.C.T.L strategy
  • Full strategy rules and backtesting sessions
  • Access to the weekly live strategy workshops



Name of Course: ​Transparent FX Course

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $​816

Our Price: $31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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