Tim Bratz – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3-Day Bootcamp

Commercial Real Estate Empire 3-Day Bootcamp – Let Me Take You By The Hand To ACCELERATE Your Wealth & Cash Flow To Build Your Own Commercial Empire



Commercial Real Estate Empire 3-Day Bootcamp – Let Me Take You By The Hand To ACCELERATE Your Wealth & Cash Flow To Build Your Own Commercial Empire

Do You Want To Get Started In Multi-Family Real Estate To Make Immediate Cash Flow And Build Long Term Wealth?

If so, then let me show you how I’ve built my business to control over $145,000,000 in assets in the last 48 Months starting without any prior experience or connections.

What will you get from Commercial Real Estate Empire 3-Day Bootcamp?

I’m hosting a 3-day event where I pull back the curtain and reveal everything in my Commercial Empire Playbook!

You’ll discover exactly how I think and act on commercial opportunities.

You’ll see how my team and I…

  • Market to find distressed multi-family assets. You’ll discover how to acquire off-market distressed properties with huge potential upside. (We only deal in A & B class properties over $1.5 million in value.)
  • Due diligence. You’ll learn how to pre-screen, analyze, and underwrite properties so you make the most from the winners and don’t get burned on the losers.
  • Wholesaling apartment buildings & building a buyers list
. I always say, commercial buyers are always BUYERS, SELLERS, and LENDERS! I’ll teach you how to maximize your relationships with your commercial investor network.
  • Financing, financial analysis, & different loan options.
  • Raising private money & structuring deals
  • How to earn tax-free profits
. This is a ninja strategy you can use to take money off the table without Uncle Sam dipping into your pockets!
  • Implementing value-add plans to increase income & decrease expenses
  • Stabilizing with operations & property management
  • ​Exit strategies. Refinancing vs holding. This is how you get upfront money, monthly cash flow, and long term wealth!
  • And more!

I’m arming you with everything you need to find success in multi-family investing!

  • You’ll meet my personal power team of real estate attorneys, commercial mortgage brokers, lenders, operations, and property managers.
  • You’ll leave with your own personalized business plan and credibility kit to present to brokers, property owners, and lenders.
  • You’ll have access to all my standard operating procedures of my business and the tools I use to underwrite and analyze deals.

Name of Course: ​Tim Bratz – Commercial Real Estate Empire 3-Day Bootcamp | Release Date: 2022

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Author Price: $142 | Our Price: $19

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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