Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0

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Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0

What is Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB Course 2.0)?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that will teach you how to create your own mastermind group and to sell knowledge in other ways. Tony robins and Dean Graziosi created the course, so it is the work of two very famous people who made careers out of teaching others how to succeed. Download

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a top-end course for anyone who wants to sell their expertise, mainly by starting a mastermind group and selling memberships. The course will teach you how mastermind groups work, how how to promote a new mastermind group, and how to impress your customers to attract more people in the future. Download

Is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course already available? Download

In 2019, the first version of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course became available. More than 20,000 people signed up for it, so the success of the course is already proven. In 2020, there will be a new version of the course, known as KBB 2.0. The 2020 version of the KBB course is probably the most hotly anticipated online course in history. Robins and Graziosi have improved the course from its initial form and are likely to get even more than 20,000 people to sign up in 2020.

What is included in the KBBCourse? Free Download

The knowledge broker blueprint is a massive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to start a successful mastermind group. You have to be able to come off as a credible expert in some field that people are interested in, but this course will teach you the rest of what you need to know. Download

The course includes six different modules, all of which were created by experts and will take you through the stages of developing a mastermind group that people will want to be part of. The price of the course also includes MindMint software, which is already an invaluable tool for those running online businesses of this kind. Free Download

The six modules are:

  1. Mind Mastery
  2. Extraction & Discovery 
  3. Marketing & Mastery 
  4. Generating the right Leads 
  5. Running Your Event With Confidence 
  6. Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

Who are the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Creators Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi? Download

Tony Robbins is a legendary motivational speaker, perhaps the most famous life coach in the world. Robbins is best known for his 1987 self-help book Unlimited Power. Since then, he has written another best selling self-help book (Awaken the giant within, 1993) and hosted many seminars each year. Download

His seminars encourage audience participation. They include things like fire walking, physical activity, and massages. Robbins is a believer in positive thinking, which he teaches in his books and seminars. Robbins also teaches about health, which he links to deep breathing as well as exercise.

More recently, Robbins has been interested in cryptocurrency. He has been educating his fans about the pros and cons of investing in Bitcoin since Bitcoin became well known. Free Download

Robbins sees Bitcoin as something socially positive and as impressive new technology, not merely something to speculate on. He hopes that Bitcoin or currencies like bitcoin could become more secure than ordinary currencies in the future. If a bank fails, you can lose your savings. Governments can also choose to print money and ruin the value of their country’s money. Robins points out that if you own Bitcoin, you have complete control of your money at all times.

According to American Express, Tony Robbins is one of the six most influential business leaders in the world. He has worked with many other rich business owners and with professional athletes, teaching them how to compete and succeed as he does.

Tony Robbins is also known as a philanthropist, who put much of his fortune into the Tony Robbins Foundation, which helps the homeless and other vulnerable groups. He also donates much money to many other charitable causes. Free download

While Dean Graziosi may not be quite as much of a household name as Robbins, he is nonetheless rich and famous. He is not only a New York Times best-selling author but has published several books successful enough for the New York Times bestsellers list.

Like Robbins, he is a professional motivator. He trains people in real estate and trains people in motivation for life in general. Graziosi appears on television and in front of a live audience as well as in his books.

Graziosi got rich because he grew up poor. His childhood poverty taught him that one of the best things money can buy is being free of worry about money. He started a firewood business as a teenager, and then went on from there to an auto mechanic shop before he was twenty years old. He then moved on to the real estate business, where he made his first few million dollars.

Today, Dean Graziosi has a video series, online courses, a few best selling books, and is frequently seen both on television and on stage. Like Tony Robbins, Dean has changed countless lives with his ability to teach and inspire.


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