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The Badass B2B Growth Guide

The Badass B2B Growth Guide – Josh Braun

The Badass B2B Growth Guide – 3,563 people have invested in the Badass Guide. You’re next.

Are you so hungry for the sale that prospects can smell your commission breath? Most prospects assume you have an ulterior motive – that you’re putting your best interests before theirs.

The guide gives you the phraseology to defuse skepticism. It’s designed to give you the best chance of starting conversations with strangers. Where prospects feel safe opening-up because they don’t feel “sold” or “manipulated.” The result? Radically honest conversations and less time chasing.

Course Curriculum

1. The Foundation

2. Know Your Prospect’s Jobs-to-be-Done

3. Outsourcing List Building

4. Cold Calling

5. Voicemail

6. Casual Copywriting

7. Cold Emailing

8. Video Email

9. The Initial Sales Conversation

10. Leveraging Customers for New Opportunities

11. LinkedIn

12. Creating Memorable Impressions

13. Defusing Objections

14. Inbound Leads

15. Negotiating

16. Building Credibility

17. Video Prospecting

18. Sequences

Meet Your Instructor – Josh Braun

Are you just starting out in sales? Struggling to book meetings? Getting ghosted? Want to sell without selling your soul? I got you.

I teach people how to sell without selling their soul. It’s as simple as that.They’re afraid you’re going to try to talk them into buying.

The problem is the word “into”.

People can smell your commission breath when you try talking them into buying. They know you have an ulterior motive— that you’re putting your best interests in front of theirs. That you’re cherry picking stats to persuade.

And yet people buy things all the time without being persuaded.

Brown boxes are delivered to doorsteps everyday.

Over 800,000 people subscribe to Masterclass.

All without anybody persuading anyone.

Selling isn’t about persuading.

It’s not your job to talk people into things.

Instead, detach from the outcome.

Let go of assuming you’re for everyone.

Shift from persuading to guiding people to persuade themselves.

However, you can’t do that with the traditional sales approach.

You have to ditch the pitch.

My mission is to show you how.

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