The Art of Video Storytelling

The Art of Video Storytelling

The Art of Video Storytelling

The Art of Video Storytelling – All you need to start sharing your unique vision—your stories—with the world!

Recent years have seen exciting changes in the ways we both create and consume media. We increasingly find that current media consumption is by video, although it had previously been dominated by the written word and still photographs. What does this mean for the still photographer? As producers of visual media, if we are hoping to continue to capture the attention of contemporary digital media consumers, we need to change with the times. Luckily, it is easier than ever before to produce not just passable video, but beautiful, cinematic movies with compact, easy-to-use, affordable equipment—you may already own much of it.

In The Art of Video Storytelling, Mr. Bob Krist, a renowned professional photographer and filmmaker, teaches this informative and insightful 12-lesson course designed to support you through each step of the filmmaking process. Beginning with preparation and equipment, you will see how to use the skills you already have in still photography to manifest excellence in all your filmmaking endeavors. You will gain valuable insight about video as art and important tips on storytelling, framing, audio capture, organizing, interviewing, and even editing. With gentle humor and expansive personal experience, Bob takes you through the video process, capitalizing on your knowledge of still photography and supporting you as you add motion and sound to your skillset.

Why Filmmaking?

Bob began his photographic career with virtually no interest in video. As he will tell you himself, it all sounded like it required a lot of people and a lot of equipment—two things he doesn’t like. Ten years ago, when video capabilities were put into still cameras, his assumptions were disrupted.

With the advent of the large digital sensors found in still cameras, the creation of high-quality video became possible. Video now looked more like Hollywood movies than like grainy camcorder recordings of childhood birthday parties. No more brittle, electronic home videos. Instead, a whole new world of cinematic video was being shot on small, accessible, and affordable equipment.

The Art of Video Storytelling

Just as words and pictures filled the world of print media, video is the “lingua franca of digital technology,” Bob notes. With almost 5 billion videos watched on YouTube each day, a platform used by some 2 billion people each month, the statistics on video are clear—if we want to reach today’s media consumers, from news seekers to family members, public works to private matters, we need to hone our skills in making films that tell compelling stories. Bob helps you do just that.

Why Storytelling Is Important?

Humans are designed to think in terms of story. It is how we describe our past, our present, and even how we envision our future. Story is the general structure that we apply to nearly every facet of our lives; so, telling a good story is the key to engaging any audience, whether your work is appearing in an international film festival or just on Facebook for your friends and family to see. At the heart of all good films is the element of strong storytelling.

The Art of Video Storytelling

Bob is, above all, a storyteller. Both informative and engaging, he takes you through a brief lesson on the role of archetypal structures—especially the Hero’s Journey—and then helps you realize these same structures in a wide range of contexts. It’s possible to not only apply these archetypal structures to the most mundane home video, but it’s also easy with Bob leading the way. In The Art of Video Storytelling, He shows you how to create a story with an appealing character at the center, facing an unfamiliar circumstance, journey, or rite of passage who, rising to the challenge, returns from the experience better for it. It is a formula that captures viewers without fail and can be applied to virtually any situation to create a compelling story.

The Art of Video Storytelling

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