The 5K Project – Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley – The 5K Project

​The 5K Project – Here’s Your 12-Week Blueprint to Create a Sustainable, Thriving Coaching Business, Even if You’ve Never Had a Coaching Client in Your Life.

Join world-class coach Christina Berkley in this easy-to-follow, proven and FUN 12-week action-oriented journey to establish yourself as a coach in your niche, serve clients powerfully, and generate a sustainable, full-time income as a coach.

Why This Course?

Your dream is to serve people and create impact. That’s why you dream of becoming a coach. And maybe you’re already immersed in the Coaching practice.

Whether it’s been a few free sessions with friends and family, or you’re coaching one or two clients as a side-hustle… the fulfillment of giving life-transforming value to someone else is indescribable. It’s addictive.

Which is why your heart leaps at the thought, “Oh, if only I could coach full-time AND have the freedom to design a brand new lifestyle!”

But the pressure the world puts on you and the wolves at the door paralyzes you.

“What if I can’t get enough clients? I have bills/commitments/loans/a family to support — should I risk leaving my current job? Am I even good enough as a coach to be doing this full-time and charge premium rates?”

Or it could also be that you’ve already taken the plunge to leave your past career and pursue coaching full-time (which is great!). Yet, you still have these doubts holding you back from really pushing forward. You’re quickly running out of savings. And you’re wondering if you made the right decision.

Whichever situation you’re in, we promise you it is 100% possible for you to:

Become a full-time coach who is confident, highly-skilled and powerful with a line of clients looking forward to work with you

Build a coaching business that earns a sustainable, consistent income to live more than comfortably and design your dream lifestyle

Fulfill your coaching dreams and create the impact the world so desperately needs right now

What’ll You Learn Inside The 5K Project

  • Know exactly what you need to do to consistently achieve a monthly revenue of $5,000, or more
  • Have exactly what you need to achieve each task on your action plan.
  • Develop success mindsets to stay balanced
  • Packed with challenges to help you achieve fast results
  • Grow your confidence and coaching skills as you grow your revenue and impact.
  • Have marketing techniques tailored for coaches
  • Have worksheets, documents and resources of everything you need to make administration a breeze.
  • Unlock the freedom to live your best life
  • Never be alone.
  • Have ridiculous amounts of FUN


Name of Course:​ The 5K Project – Christina Berkley

Release Date: 2020

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