Stefan Georgi – The RMBC Method

The RMBC Method

​The RMBC method is broken down into four stages:

  • Research
  • Mechanism
  • Brief
  • Copy

For each stage you get a video in which Stefan runs you through his process. You also get downloadable copies of all his notes and transcripts. For each stage you also get 3-4 demonstration videos, in which you watch over Stefan’s shoulder as he puts his process into action researching and writing sales letters from scratch. Stefan has also included videos of members of his elite Copy Accelerator Group (like Roman Alvarado, Joey Percia and Jeremy Reeves) as they also demonstrate how to use Stefan’s RMBC method to write high converting copy in record time.Yet that’s not all…You also get modules on:Writing high impact fascinations – Also known as ‘curiosity bullets’, fascinations give readers a rapid fire list of reasons to buy the product. You can almost write an entire sales letter with fascinations alone, particularly to sell info products.Crafting Attention-Grabbing Leads That Can’t Be Ignored – After headlines, the most vital element is the lead. In fact, you can breathe life into flagging sales letters with a proof driven new lead. Stefan gives you examples for the CBD market, dog food and a snoring device you can use as inspiration for your own offers.Writing killer headlines – As David Ogilvy famously said, 80% read the headline before they read anything else. So it’s THE most vital element to get right. Stefan shares his 6 step checklist for writing killer headlines, without having to write hundreds out (like we’re supposed to, but few people do).Subject lines and Ad Creatives – Get a walkthrough on Stefan’s subject line matrix, and get some punchy subject lines for emails and presells in less time.AOV Money Close – Find out how Stefan adds 20% or more to supplement orders. He provides his 7 steps to convincing people to buy the bigger pack, along with high converting examples on how it’s done.And then there’s the bonuses… so many bonuses:Bonus 1 – Using the RMBC Method to Wire a New Keto Sales Letter from ScratchBonus 2 – Advertorials with Health Wilcock. Get Heath’s exact process to writing presells that boost CTR and conversions, including his 6 go-to advertorial styles with examples to add to your swipe file.Bonus 3 – Big Ideas Explains, and why a big idea is VITAL to sales successBonus 4 – Coming Up With the Mechanism for Health OffersBonus 5 – Writing Facebook Ads with Mike BuontempoBonus 6 – Writing Mini Sales Letters, with examples for sports betting and a turmeric supplementAnd those are just the bonuses at the time of writing my RMBC Method review…Because Stefan is continuing to record new videos answering people’s questions and get more bonuses done as we speak (including a bonus video on writing emails, by Natural Health Sherpa’s Jerrod Harlan).

What Does ​The RMBC method For And Why’s It Important?

RMBC stands for Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy.It’s a four-step copywriting process I developed back in 2014 so I could pump out 12 sales letters per month.The reason The RMBC Method is so important is because it provides a systematized, step-by-step approach to writing sales copy.By doing Research, you understand you gain a strong understanding of your prospect, the language they use, their pain points, and what solutions they’ve tried in the past.With the Mechanism, you’re able to explain to the prospect why they failed to get results in the past, and how they can succeed in the future.With the Brief, you end up writing several pieces of the sales letter, but in bite-sized chunks.And with Copy, you have a follow-along template for producing high-converting sales letters again-and-again.Proof

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