SOCIALBEE UNIVERSITY – Whether you want to become a marketer, copywriter, content writer, freelancer or an entrepreneur or already are one, you need to stay up-to-date and become a skilled Social Media Specialist.‘Become a Skilled Social Media Specialist’ with our Workshops and Training. This course has enjoyedhuge popularity and appreciation among young professionals and entrepreneurs.


  • Beginner and mid-level marketing specialists
  • Those interested in pursuing a career in marketing
  • Beginner and mid-level copywriters/content writers
  • Entrepreneurs who need to get a better understanding of Social Media best practices
  • Anyone interested in starting a career in Social Media/Marketing 

What You Will learn inside SOCIALBEE UNIVERSITY:

  • Write engaging copy on Social Media
  • Understand target audiences and Buyer Personas
  • Know how to create Buyer Personas
  • Use the right copywriting formulas
  • Write according to the latest marketing trends
  • Understand that there’s more than meets the eye to conquer Social
  • Use the right tools and approaches that would make things easier
  • Understand how you can use Paid Ads to your advantage
  • Get the additional skills needed to be able to start freelancing

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Buyer Persona
  • Module 2: Copywriting for Social Media
  • Module 3: Intro to Ads
  • Module 4: Content Types/Ideas
  • Module 5: Branding on Social Media
  • Module 6: SocialBee Intro
  • Module 7: Social Media Toolkit
  • Module 8: Intro to Freelancing


Name of Course: SocialBeeSocialBee University

Release Date: 2020

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Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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