Social Copy Secrets by Jeff J Hunter

Social Copy Secrets

​Social Copy Secrets by Jeff J Hunter – By the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to create content that turns your brand into an authority..

Social Copy Secrets was created after HUNDREDS of hours of research about the BEST performing posts on social media… PERIOD.

Since 2015, I’ve had my team analyze EVERY single Facebook post that we’ve done for my brands, my clients brands, and some of the top influencers online.

We collected EVERYTHING about the posts…

  • How much engagement posts get (likes, comments, and shares)
  • What type of post (Long Form, Short Form, Picture, Video, Links, Polls, FB Live, etc)
  • How many sales (YES – Many of the posts were used to sell products or services)

It’s safe to say, that after over 10,000 ORGANIC posts (meaning, not paid) on Facebook, and Linkedin I’ve been able to truly understand the social media “algorithms”.

I found out EXACTLY the type of content that performs the best.

The truth is… I actually created “Social Copy Secrets” as an internal training for my own copywriting team for my Branding Agency (

But – after I trained my team, one of them said “this is really good, you should sell this!“

And so…. “Social Copy Secrets” was born.

So what are you actually going to LEARN in Social Copy Secrets?

  • How to craft the perfect “engagement post” that brings in a wave of attention and sales.
  • How to “hack” the algorithm and dominate your prospect’s newsfeed. Now you’ll be top of mind and unforgettable to your prospect
  • The 6 psychological triggers that pushes the “buy button” inside your prospect’s brain

The secret to selling on social media is making people EXCITED to buy from you. That’s why I’m also going to show you…

  • How to engage with your audience to create “predictable” and repeat engagement post after post.
  • How to transition from a social post to a sale. (Literally make money from a single post.)
  • How to turn your social media networks into reliable income sources through copy.
  • How to create the right type of content to post (without being too salesy).
  • How to follow-up from social posts and turn them into sales.
  • Knowing best call to actions to make people “TAKE ACTION” on your posts.

Think it’ll take awhile before you become “socially savvy”?

Nope. Take my proven templates that I use to generate sales and create engagement.

I’m throwing these in as a bonus. Copy and paste them into your message

By the end of ​Social Copy Secrets you’ll know exactly how to create content that turns your brand into an authority.

Not only that, it’s going to put money in your bank account.

I promise you, by the end you’ll know how to:

  • Create engaging content posts that aren’t salesy and won’t burn your network
  • Follow-up with prospects that engage with your posts
  • Ethically persuade people to TAKE ACTION on your posts
  • Create repeat and predictable social proof
  • Transform a highly engaged post into a sales post
  • Turn your social network into predictable sources of income

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