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SEO 2020

​Million Dollar Marketing Methods guide from Charles Floate

Back in the day, a couple of A/B split tests would do. From these tests, you could deduce trends or SEO ‘laws’ which spanned the entire SEO/digital marketing universe.

However, times are changing. Google’s machine learning capabilities are evolving and with it their ability to rank sites in a way that is niche-specific. This means that dual-site testing isn’t really generalizable. If you decide to expand into new niches, you will have to retest, retest, and retest which is very expensive.

So, since the lecturer is primarily a link builder, this will all be about links. The reason he loves links is because they are SEO. Period. As our test data shows, high-quality backlinks are still the number one ranking factor for sites.

Assuming you’ve got everything else on point (On-Page etc), link building is the thing that moves the needle.

What we can learn from SEO Million Dollar Marketing Methods?

Over the last two years, Charles has been teaming up with multiple SEO researchers to find generalist marketing methods that he has been using to power up his own campaigns – DFY Links as well as his entire network of affiliate websites. He has ended up spending over a million dollars to figure out how to do link building successfully.

Anyway, over the course SEO 2020, we’ll find out, from our testing, exactly which backlinks are the most powerful, statistically what link building methods work the best and how to leverage backlinks to do different things, such as reputation management. In short, we will know near enough to everything about link building.

  • Welcome.
  • 1 – Advanced Link Building Theory & Tips.
  • 2 – Affiliate SEO for 2020.
  • 3 – Algopocalypse Research + Findings.
  • 4 – Foreign SEO Domination.
  • 5 – Parasite SEO for 2020.


Name of Course: ​2020 SEO – Million Dollar Marketing Methods

Release Date: 2020

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