Science of Character Animation by Markus Magnusson

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Science of Character Animation

Science of Character Animation

Learn how to create lively and charismatic characters from scratch and direct funny animation scenes on your own. In this course, Markus Magnusson will share his unique approach to character design.

What is the course "Science of Character Animation" about?

Get as much life as possible out of your 2d characters with this all-encompassing course taking you into the fascinating world of Character Animation. Markus will cover tonnes of classical animation and character design principles.

He will also share his unique techniques gained throughout his long experience of a professional animator and motion graphics designer.

About the author

Heyoo, My name is Markus Magnusson

Most of you probably know me as Motionmarkus. I’m a Swedish-born animator with over 10 years experience of in bringing characters to life. I’ve animated everything from Google Doodles to wizard sticker packs for Dropbox.

In Science of Character Animation, I will spill the beans on all my techniques so if your characters are a little bit stiff & bent out of shape then you’ll love this course.

What will I learn?

  • LESSON #1 - Blocking Out a Character
  • LESSON #2 - Adding Details
  • LESSON #3 - Dynamic Character Posing
  • LESSON #4 - Facial Expressions
  • LESSON #5 - Master the Story
  • LESSON #6 - Rigging the Character
  • LESSON #7 - Key Animation Techniques Part One
  • LESSON #8 - Key Animation Techniques Part Two
  • LESSON #9 = Secondary Motion
  • LESSON #10 - Nice Walk-cycles
  • LESSON #11 - Energetic Run Cycles
  • LESSON #12 - Pose to Pose
  • LESSON #13 - Facial Expressions & Lip Sync
  • LESSON #14 - Acting and Timing
  • LESSON #15 - Hand Animation & Gestures
  • LESSON #16 - Finalize your masterpiece

Proof - Science of Character Animation


Course Name: Science of Character Animation by Markus Magnusson
Sale Page | Value: $599 | Release Date: 2021 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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