The AI Copywriting Workshop – Sam Woods

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The AI Copywriting Workshop – To help you think more clearly, write better copy, and enhance your creativity.

In The AI Copywriting Workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How to integrate various AI tools into your process and workflow, so you know what tools are best for your workflow, processes, and the kind of copy you’re writing.
  • How to research your customer, market, and competitors. This will help you cut down time spent researching without sacrificing the quality of what you find.
  • How to develop, modify, and improve your product or service. You’ll examine what you sell from every possible angle and find not only new ways to promote what you sell, but also how you can make everything deliver better results and outcomes for your customers.
  • How to find and create big ideas, hooks, stories, angles, unique mechanisms, and education-based marketing content you can use for any promotion, sales page, funnel, lead generation campaign.
  • How to write 20, 50, even 100+ ads with unique angles and hooks, in minutes instead of days.
  • How to write endless emails with interesting subject lines, opening lines that draw readers in, and persuades with effective body copy.
  • How to generate new ideas, angles, and uncover hidden hooks with a process that builds on prompts you use and the output you get back.
  • How to write short-form copy like ads, video scripts, emails, advertorials, and landing pages.
  • How to write long-form copy like sales pages, including checkout and upsell pages.
  • Future-proof your prompts. Discover how to develop your own prompts at will, no matter what happens to existing tools or whatever new tools are released.

There’s so much more but most importantly:

These strategies, workflows, and processes are future proof and ‘tool agnostic’.

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File Size: 8.87 GB
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