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Sales Process Accelerator

Sales Process Accelerator is a training Programme which teaches you to build a commission only, remote sales team in under 30 days.

It’s a programme designed for early-stage startups without an established sales team or system in place.

The primary targeted audience is people who have little to no experience in building sales funnels.

According to Nick, Sales Process Accelerator can help you build a zero-risk sales organization for you to capture profits at any stage. You can get reps pay you to join and your managers only get paid if their team has a good performance

But how long does it take? Nick said it takes 1 week to set up your organization, 1-2 weeks to get resumes in the door, 1 week to hire with 1-2 weeks to ramp up.

About Instructor

Nick Kozmin is a self made entrepreneur who is the founder of which helps SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and online service businesses scale their sales.

Nick is a graduate of engineering Physics at Queen’s University in Canada.

But instead of becoming a scientist, he veered into business when he met his mentor Ben Steward, the CEO of Canadian Property Stars.

He started his own door-to-door auto-detailing business after learning how to manage a sales team. It was a successful business venture which grew to 3000 customers in 2 years.

After that, he ventured into the business of online tutoring and recruited his engineering physics classmates to teach the kids from the well-to-do families.

With these successful experiences, Nick started the company in 2014 to serve SaaS companies. Again, the business grew exponentially to 800 corporate customers in just six years. 

What’s Inside Sales Process Accelerator

  • Section 0: Starting your journey
  • Section 1: Foundational copywriting
  • Section 2: Building high-converting assets
  • Section 3: Organic promotion (Outbound and Organic Methods)
  • Section 4: Advanced sales scripting and process
  • Section 5: Sale processes, CRM and tech
  • Section 6: Building and Training sales teams
  • Section 7: Handling onboarding and churn
  • Scaling outbound prospecting with SDR (cold email, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Solving for product market fit , writing foundations and collecting cases studies
  • Breakthrough advertising
  • Advanced sales training

Proof – Sales Process Accelerator

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