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Sales & Marketing Fundamentals

Sales and Marketing Fundamentals – Mentality Chief

Sales & Marketing Fundamentals – Improve Your Business By Learning The Secrets of Sales & Marketing in Less Than 6 Months

I don’t want you to waste your time. I want you to start making money as soon as possible.

That’s why I want to share EVERYTHING that I’ve learned with you for a price that’s too cheap compared to the value that’s inside.

Before we move on, let’s just clarify:

Who’s this course for?

  • People looking to improve their sales and marketing skills
  • Any business owner looking to make more money
  • Anyone willing to put in the action and time to learn sales and marketing

What You Learn Inside Sales and Marketing Fundamentals

Section 1: Sales

Sales is learning how to attract potential customers BY personally interacting with them.

  • The right questions you MUST ask to get the right information about your prospects and close deals with clarity.
  • How to gain confidence when selling: Tips that will double your confidence + Do’s and Don’ts for confidence.
  • Avoid this mistake that crowds fall into every time and prevent them from selling, do this (explained) instead.
  • 5-steps Sales Strategy #1: The framework that will help you close deals from $10 up to $10.000
  • Simple & Common Sales Strategy #2: Another strategy that will help you get started selling any course or service.
  • How to handle objections using simple but effective tips and tricks. (Using examples from all times)
  • The real reason why discounts are hurting your sales (actually killing your sales) and +6 ways to replace discounts.
  • Stages of negotiation: Follow this step-by-step process to negotiate correctly and get to a win-win situation
  • Tips for better negotiation, useful and actionable tips to improve your negotiation.
  • Mastering Sales Call by @sean0to10k: The structure, do’s and don’ts, increasing confidence, and closing your client.
  • +20 *EASY* ways to build credibility. Each way explained in-depth to create credibility for your brand

*There will be constant updates with new modules.*

Section 2: Marketing

Marketing is learning how to attract potential customers WITHOUT personally interacting with them.

  • How to find the right niche for you (the exact process that helped hundreds choose the niche they really love).
  • Introduction to Market Research: Understand the basics of market research and why your entire business relies on it.
  • Secret Market Research Tools: Where exactly you can look for and understand your prospects’ pains, desires, challenges, etc.
  • Market research elaboration offer: Using your knowledge about your market and audience to elaborate your offer.
  • Market research developed: Exact process I use and how to create your buyer persona by using your client questionnaire.
  • 2 modules on how to correctly price your services/products using psychology (doubling your conversion rate).
  • Crafting your irresistible offer, what exactly you need to add, using market research and other tools.
  • Color psychology, how do different colors influence your thoughts and known brands that use these colors.
  • Branding course by @the_wildwoman: Everything you need to know to create a great and effective brand
  • Branding questionnaire by @the_wildwoman: Ask yourself these questions and identify where you can improve as a brand
  • Storytelling: Why it’s needed, examples, and the 5 essential principles every story MUST have.
  • How to write a sales email following a reliable 8 block system by @HeroJourneyOn (Successful email marketer)
  • The Power of Networking: 45 min module explaining the Do’s and Dont’s, structures, examples, it’s power, etc.

Section 3 (Upgraded Version): Copywriting

  • Copywriting Masterclass: 43-min module, explaining copywriting frameworks, strategies, tips and more…
  • The Science of Persuasion: The 6 main pillars of persuasion and extra few tips that will make you a better persuader
  • What You Should Know About Headlines: Learn how to win the attention span of your readers
  • Plug-And-Play Headlines: +20 templates you can use anytime for any product, blog post, YouTube video, etc.
  • Sales Vocabulary: Power words to add inside your headlines and copywriting
  • FREE BONUS: “Make it Stick” product page analysis, find copywriting and persuasion frameworks in real life


  • BONUS #1: Recommended resources: Free and paid, more than +100 videos, websites, apps, courses, etc.
  • BONUS #2: Passive income ideas to get you started with making money through several sources of income
  • BONUS #3: Basic financial tips you can apply and take advantage of wherever you live.
  • BONUS #4: Basic Twitter DMs Rules by @OneSupermann: Sharing everything he knows about DMs
  • BONUS #5: The 10 Best Sales Prospecting Tactics by @C_Holmes44 (Sold +$45 million at the age of 25)
  • BONUS #6: Instagram Content Creation by @nitisarran (Instagram Expert): Learn how to create killer posts on Instagram and get thousands of likes

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