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Marketing Accelerator Academy

Marketing Accelerator Academy – Learn Profitable Marketing Skills And Attract Clients Who Appreciate Your Work, And Pay Your Premium Prices Without Question

Marketing Accelerator Academy is a comprehensive course that Roota provides where she teaches you high-ticket digital marketing skills and how to kick-start an online business from scratch. The course doesn’t just cover the theoretical aspects. In fact, Roota dives deep down into actually applying those lessons and teaches how it’s done. She shares her exact system which led to her getting $150,000 worth of clients in the first 2 years of her business.

This is a PROVEN and TESTED implementation program that teaches you how to grow your freelance marketing business in the next 12 months.

1000+ students have gone through the course till date. This system has been implemented by course students who have been able to get results and clients within months of joining.

You don’t need any previous marketing or technical experience to get started. Everything you need to know ranging from lucrative marketing skills to high-ticket client acquisition strategies are covered in-depth in the course.

Once you buy the course, you get lifetime access to the following:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • How to get clients
  • How to send proposals that get accepted
  • Sample $2000-$4000 proposals
  • How to close the deal & on-board clients
  • Legal aspects of the business

What You Learn Inside Marketing Accelerator Academy

This program includes 7-Module created with a singular goal of helping you become a confident, successful freelancer

  1. 6-Figure freelancer journey + mindset and productivity
  2. Introduction to marketing and Facebook advertising
  3. Implementing successful facebook campaigns
  4. Instagram domination
  5. Implementing profitable sales funnels
  6. Getting your first or next high ticket client
  7. Cliaent onboarding, management and team building

And bonuses…

About the Instructor

Roota Mittal quit her high-paying corporate job as a software developer 3 years ago to be her own boss so that she could have the freedom to travel while she works. Since then, she has built an online marketing business where she helps business owners all over the world get leads and sales via Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels.

She managed to replace her previous job’s salary within 2 months of starting her own business and is now able to travel the world while she grows her business. There’s no income cap to what she can bring in each month unlike any other job, which is really exciting to her! She brought in $150,000 US Dollars in revenue in the first 2 years of her business as a freelancer. She has pledged to show more people the way of creating a life of freedom rather than succumbing to a 9-5 job-going, 2-vacations-a-year lifestyle. Are you ready to learn with Roota?


Marketing Accelerator Academy

Name of Course: ​Roota Mittal – Marketing Accelerator Academy

Release Date: ​​2020

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $​627

Our Price: $​31.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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