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Real Deal Video Strategist Club

Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier

Real Deal Video Strategist Club – In this course, we show you how to find, close, and retain high paying video production clients using our proven Five Step formula. It’s time to go from just another videographer to a Video Strategist.

“When it comes to commercial video production, there is one thing that separates those that are extremely successful from those that struggle, those that are the Real Deal vs those that are pretending. That one thing is confidence in knowing that what you provide to your client is actually going to get them a return on their investment. Without that you are just another person with a camera.”

David A Bibiano – Founder of Take 17 Video Productions, LLC/Co Creator of The Real Deal Video Strategist Club.

Real Deal Video Strategist Club Course Curriculum



Module 1. Videos That Business Will Pay Big Money For

  • 1.1 Brand Message Videos (BMV)
  • 1.2 Testimonial Videos
  • 1.3 Promo Videos
  • 1.4 Sales Trifecta
  • 1.5 Educational Course Videos
  • 1.6 Phone Sales Person Introduction Videos
  • 1.7 Live Stream Multicast Videos
  • 1.8 Process and Procedure Videos
  • 1.9 Recruiting Videos
  • 1.10 Safety Videos
  • 1.11 Political Videos
  • 1.12 Compliance Videos
  • 1.13 Morale Videos
  • 1.14 Product Videos

Module 2A. Facebook

  • 2.1A Facebook Business Manager Overview & Setup
  • 2.2A Creating New Pages & Requesting Access to Client Facebook Pages
  • 2.3A Requesting Access to Client Ad Accounts & Creating New Ad Accounts
  • 2.4A Facebook Page Optimization
  • 2.5A Facebook Pixel Overview & Setup
  • 2.6A Ads Manager Intro
  • 2.7A Facebook Ad Type Overview

Module 2B. Instagram

  • 2.1B Creating an Instagram Account
  • 2.2B Optimizing Your Page & Structuring Your Bio
  • 2.3B Switching to an Instagram Business Account
  • 2.4B Linking Your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page & Cross Posting
  • 2.5B Strategic Content Creation
  • 2.6B Hashtag Research
  • 2.7B Instagram Stories

Module 2C. Google

  • 2.1C Google My Business
  • 2.2C Google Analytics
  • 2.3C Google Ads Creation
  • 2.4C Google Ads Dashboard Overview
  • 2.5C Setting Up Your Google Retargeting Tag (Pixel)

Module 2D. YouTube

  • 2.1D Basic YouTube Ads Manager Overview & Setup
  • 2.2D Linking YouTube to Your Google Retargeting Tag

Module 2E. Snapchat

  • 2.1E Snapchat Ads Manager Overview & Setup
  • 2.2E Snapchat Pixel Set Up

Module 2F. Chat Bots

  • 2.1F Chat Bot Setup Guide (Many Chat)(15:38)

Module 2G. Email Marketing

  • 2.1G Mailchimp Overview
  • 2.2G Audience Creation(6:05)
  • 2.3G Campaign Creation (Email Blasts)
  • 2.4G Campaign Creation (Automations & Flows)
  • 2.5G Campaign Reporting & Analytics
  • 2.6G Domain Authentication

Module 2H. How To Audit a Prospect or Client’s Website & Advertising Strategy

  • 2.1H How to Audit a Website
  • 2.2H How to Find & Audit Facebook Ads

MODULE 3 Lead Generation Through Networking

  • 3.2 Networking Tips and Tricks
  • 3.3 Fill Your Calendar Networking Opportunities

Module 4 Online Lead Generation for your Business.

  • 4.1 LinkedIn & Automated Prospecting
  • 4.2 Facebook & Facebook Groups
  • 4.3 Blogs & Vlogs
  • 4.4 Google

Module 5 Business Owner Discovery Interview Library


MODULE 6 Discovery & Sales Guide

  • 6.1 Discovery
  • 6.2 Sales Meetings
  • 6.3 How to Price Digital Marketing Services

Real Deal Video Strategist Club – Mark Cloutier

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