Publisher Supremacy – Dane McBeth

Publisher Supremacy

Publisher Supremacy – Dane McBeth

Publisher Supremacy – How To Go From Beginner to $5k+ a Month Selling Simple Books Online with zero experience, hard costs, or techy stuff.

Publisher Supremacy is a course on creating eBooks and selling them on Amazon. It was released recently along with other courses covering the same topic.

For whatever reason, it seems like this business model is becoming more popular. It is a legitimate business model that can be successful for some people.

What You Will Learn

Publisher Supremacy is broken down into seven weeks of training and comes with a bunch of bonuses.

You’re getting 35+ hours of training with Dane McBeth

Week 1: Mindset Mastery

In the first week, you learn how to develop a successful mindset as a publisher. This training is a little boring but only a small portion of the course.

Week 2: Audiobook Autopsy

The second week will be spent learning about audiobooks. You’ll get to look at well-selling ebooks and you’ll learn about Amazon’s audiobook platform called Audible.

Week 3: Top Tier Book Transformation

This week, you will learn how to create your ebooks. You will also look at various ways to market them and how you can compete with the big publishing houses.

Week 4: Books To Business

This is not about writing a single book or getting a one-time hit. The goal here is to create a full-time income through publishing books. This is where you’ll learn how to do that.

Week 5: Hiring And Automating

You’ll eventually need to hire employees to handle the daily tasks and automate some of them. Week 5 teaches you how to do this.

Week 6: Building Your Ecosystem

Week 6 encourages you to scale your business even further. Here you will learn how to do so.

Week 7: Establishing A Brand Presence

Increasing your profit by building a brand will help you make more sales. This week’s program focuses on building your brand.

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Name of Course: Publisher Supremacy – Dane McBeth | Release Date: 2021

Sale Page:

Author Price: $497| Our Price: $14.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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