Psych Fx Academy

Psych Fx Academy

Psych Fx Academy

Psych Fx Academy – Trading Is Comprised Of Strategy, Optimization & Psychology.

Almost All Trading Educators ONLY Focus On Strategy – Is It A Surprise So Many Fail?

In The Psych FX Academy, We Blend Psychology, Optimization, Strategy With The Goal Of Creating Real Traders, NOT ‘Strategy Junkies’.

Here’s how this works:

First, I show you the last Sa10% you need to know.

This includes:

  • A Deep Institutional Strategy that can be used on ANY timeframe
  • Full ‘Enhanced Wycoff’ Methodology simplified and more effective than the original.
  • How To Spot Manipulation BEFORE it Happens Which allows you to prepare to be on the right side of the market
  • The Exact Method I use to trade AGAINST retail traders and trade with larger flows of money – giving you confidence to know you’re trading with the big boys.
  • The best technique to stop making the same mistakes even when you feel like you can’t stop yourself. (The best part is it only takes three tries to master.)
  • An entire section on identifying and neutralizing trading mistakes like FOMO, overtrading, not holding trades, etc
  • Simple things you can do to overcome psychological difficulties with trading which are holding you back from reaching your potential.
  • One thing that sucks about most educators is they give you a strategy and leave you with it, not here. Each strategy comes with backtesting sessions to help you see me analyse and trade live. (and I’ll be adding backtesting videos each month so you can grow with me.)
  • You may have some questions when learning the content in this course, that’s natural. Luckily for you I’m hosting Q&As once every month as a minimum to answer your questions and help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
  • We have a growing community of members who trade one style, myself included. The community is where the real growth will happen and an area of support for times where you need it.
  • I’m going to top this all off by giving you journaling templates, self review templates, ATA (Advanced trade analysis) templates, the lot.
  • Full access to my customizable trading plan to fit your needs and personality types (I’ll also explain the best ways to do this)

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Name of Course: ​Psych Fx Academy

Release Date: 2021

Sale Page: ​

Author Price: $497

Our Price: $24.95

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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