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Profitable Newsletters Complete Package

​Profitable Newsletters – Learn how to launch an email newsletter people want to read (and companies want to sponsor)

Over the past few years, I’ve built and sold 4 large profitable email newsletters (FoundersGrid, DailyNames, NewKeys and CryptoWeekly) that are read by people at Google, Stripe, Emirates, WeWork, Virgin, Vodafone, Heineken, Samsung, Expedia, and tens of thousands more.

In this short video course of Profitable Newsletters, I’ll show you how I built and scaled the 4 newsletters I sold, and how you can do it too.

You’ll learn in Profitable Newsletters:

  • How to launch an email newsletter people want to open & read
  • How to grow your newsletter to thousands of subscribers quickly
  • How to profit from your newsletter by working with paying sponsors

I’ve broken the course down into 9 no BS videos. My aim when creating this course was to cut out the fluff so you can learn how to start and grow a profitable newsletter in just one sitting.

Why Newsletters?With so much crap published online every day, I cover why curated newsletters updated by people who care are fixing much of what’s broken with most online news consumption.

Examples of Great Newsletters

I’ll walk you through some of my favourite newsletters I read on a regular basis and walk you through the different formats, design and monetization strategies newsletters can have.

Finding Newsletter Topics To Cover

Choosing the right topic or industry to cover is crucial. In this video I outline my tips on finding great newsletter topics, along with why I think everyone should create a newsletter for their local community.

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Naming Your Newsletter

This is how you can find a great name/domain name for your newsletter within 5 minutes flat. This is the same method I use to name all my newsletters/projects and it has never failed me.

Great Newsletter Landing Pages

Great landing pages encourage people to sign up to newsletters. Join me as I breakdown different landing pages and offer advice on what you should, and should not, include on yours.

Choosing The Right Newsletter Software

I recently launched 20 newsletters in 20 days to find the best software you should be using. In this video I share my recommendations for various different types of newsletters you may want to create.

How to Curate Amazing Content

Learn the strategies I use to find and organize great content your readers will always look forward to reading every week. This is the backbone to a great, profitable, curated newsletter.

Marketing Your Newsletter

I walk you through the different strategies I used to grow 2 of my popular newsletters along with sharing different examples and ideas (both paid and organic) on how you can grow yours.

Acquiring Paid Sponsors

From reaching out to potential sponsors, pricing, media kits and so much more, I cover the processes I’ve used in the past that have helped me secure $100 to $14,000 newsletter sponsorship deals.

About Author Of Profitable Newsletters:

Chris Osborne is an independent consultant. Chris was previously the global leader of FTI Consulting’s economic consulting practice. Prior to that he was the global head of Arthur Andersen’s economic and financial consulting group.

Name of Course: ​Profitable Newsletters Complete Package by Chris Osborne

Release Date: 2021

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