Printed Product Design for Visual Brand Identity

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Printed Product Design

Printed Product Design for Visual Brand Identity

Learn the creative process for developing branded products that add value to your brand

A brand and its language are defined by the elements that shape its visual identity. When combined, these elements are capable of awakening emotions and creating an instant connection with an audience.

With the idea of generating unique experiences through graphic design, Carmo Mineiro and Joana Rangel founded Love Street Studio, a multidisciplinary branding studio that has collaborated with companies like Sony Music, Kencko, and Babel.

In Printed Product Design, learn how to create different branding elements, from concept, logo, typography, and color, all the way to the final formatting and print. Alongside Carmo and Joana, see how to develop a series of graphic materials that are filled with personality and add value to your brand.

About Printed Product Design

Meet your teachers Carmo and Joana, who tell you about their careers and why they founded Love Street Studio. Learn about their main sources of design inspiration and discover what will be taught in this course.

Learn all about the concepts and functionalities of stationery in Printed Product Design. Get to know the duo’s creative process for starting your branding project. See how to define your target audience and create a mood board with visual references and typeface ideas.

Discover the importance of typography and try different ideas to ensure your design fits with your client’s logo. Define the graphic elements that will accompany your designs and see how to work with different materials and formats for your stationery.

Next, it’s time to bring your project to life! Begin by sketching visual elements on paper before moving into Adobe Illustrator and defining your composition. Learn how to find the right color system for your project and apply the final touches needed to bring your designs to life in Printed Product Design

In the final unit, Carmo and Joana teach you how to prepare your file for final print. Get their expert advice on how to organize a budget and production for printing, as well as some tips and tricks for wowing your client when it’s time to present your project.



Course Name: Printed Product Design for Visual Brand Identity
Sale Page | Value: $44.90 | Release Date: 2021 | Contains: Video, PDFs

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