Personal Brand Profits – Jr Rivas

Personal Brand Profits

Personal Brand Profits – Jr Rivas

Personal Brand Profits –  Want To Grow A Facebook Group That Consistently Generates 5 Figures/Month In The Next 47 Days?

There’s a ton of opportunities on the internet.

So why are so many people struggling to get their business off the ground?

I’m not talking about a few extra bucks here or there or “hobby money” I’m talking about NEEDLE-MOVING-MONEY.

I’m talking about hitting 10k/Month selling a product or service with your very own facebook group.

If you’re not interested in that then simply click off this page & we won’t waste each others time, if you are interested then read on…

There’s Really 2 Ways You Can Begin To Sell Your Course

There’s tons of people selling courses that are doomed to fail from the beginning because they…

  • Fear Humiliation & thus don’t take action for fear of embarrassment
  • Have no idea where to get started or a proven system and thus get overwhelmed
  • They don’t know how to put out a quality product that will get their customers RESULTS
  • They don’t know where to build their audience of BUYERS
  • They think they need to be an expert
  • They don’t know how to build trust in the market

I get it… I was there too when I began trying to sell my first course but let my failures be a lesson to you, this doesn’t have to be painful!

There is a better way…

The second type of person who chooses to build a personal brand in order to sell their product or service has a few things going for them…


  • Know exactly what to do to get started
  • Know how to build an audience of BUYERs
  • Know how to do this without having any tech experience at all
  • Know exactly how to sell something before they create it
  • Have a roadmap that shows them step by step exactly HOW to build their tribe, establish authority & monetize their course to that 10k/month level
  • This sets them up for massive success and profitability from day 1…

These are the types of people who get help, learn what works, and skip all the rookie mistakes!

They know they don’t want to wait around forever to get success, and that they can speed up the process!

They’re not afraid to invest time, effort, money, and energy into doing it the RIGHT way the first time…

They don’t want to waste money, embarrass themselves, disappoint customers by putting out a bad product, feel sleazy or feel lost along the way…

This is NOT for everyone…

Let me be up front here, this opportunity is simply not for everyone…It takes real work but if you put in the work it will work for you.

This Is For You If…

  • You sell a course (or want to.)
  • You have an expertise and you want to monetize it
  • You Run A Digital Agency and want to grow a following to monetize your knowledge
  • You want to gain expertise in a subject and monetize it
  • You want to create products that deeply & positively impact the world
  • You want to grow your income to 5 figures a month selling courses
  • You want to build an audience of targeted buyers

Here’s What You’re Going To Get Inside Personal Brand Profits

6-weeks of refined PROVEN training, so you can discover exactly how to grow an audience, build authority & Launch Your Hyper-Profitable Course In 47 Days.

  • Week One: The proven system to build your first 1,000 person engaged audience of BUYERS even if no ones ever heard of you
  • Week Two: How To craft your first offer so you can sell it before it’s ever even made without seeming sleazy!
  • Week Three: How to make sure your offers convert like an 80 Inch TV on Black Friday!
  • Week Four: How to build a product your customers will LOVE that will keep them coming back
  • Week Five: How To Automate your business systems so you don’t have to spend ALL day building your brand
  • Week Six: Course Scaling so you can know exactly how to build a sustainable business that will outlast time & any platform

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Name of Course: Personal Brand Profits – Jr Rivas | Release Date: 2020

Sale Page:

Author Price: $997| Our Price: $25

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega)

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